Vendorati is an accounting tool for Amazon Sellers working for both US and Europe. Vendorati helps manage your expenses, profits, orders, pricings, taxes, discounts, inventory and more.


Vendorati includes different features / sections inside the main tool, let's break them down:

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Overview + Dashboard

Includes a one-shot report including units sold (compare up to 3 different time periods), sales growth, sales by Marketplace, inventory by warehouse and by product.


This is a breakdown of your profit & loss, including:

  • Revenue (sales & refunds)
  • Seller cost of goods
  • Amazon fees, including Amazon's Monthly subscription fee
  • Adjustments
  • PPC cost
  • Expenses

The report is filtrable per Marketplace and groupable by weeks or months

vendorati profit and loss report


A chart page including:

  • Account overview
  • Sales
  • Orders and Refunds
  • PPC Performance
  • Expenses
  • Sales and costs analysis

vendorati charts

Orders, Refunds & Expenses reports

A break down of your orders, refunds and expenses. Each one has his own section and separated breakdown of fees. And, of course, you can also manage them directly from the tool:

vendorati orders manager

Products & Inventory

A product costs management tool and a real-time FBA inventory levels by region and ASIN including a breakdown of:

  • Sellable SKUs
  • Inbound products
  • Damaged goods
  • FNSKUs classified as “other products”
  • Products' value at cost
  • Products' value at selling price
  • And more

vendorati inventory manager


Now this is where Vendorati gets really interesting, at least to me as an European seller. Reports include:

  • European B2B and B2C sales
  • European B2B and B2C VAT
  • EU Intra-community B2B sales
  • One-Stop Shop reports
  • European Union Import schemes
  • EU Intra-community movement of goods
  • North American and European regions Fee reports
  • Sales tax in each U.S. state

Believe me, your accounting department will absolutely love this feature.

vendorati tax report

Check a sample VAT report. Looks great, does it?

vendorati excel sheet for european VAT


Works for every Amazon Marketplace


Vendorati offers 4 pricing plans:

Starter plan – 25€/Month


  • From 0 – 500 orders/month
  • Updates Seller's data every 10 minutes
  • Business dashboard
  • Orders, Sales and Refunds reports
  • Profit calculation

Experienced plan – 49€/Month


  • From 500 – 1500 orders/month
  • Updates every 10 minutes
  • Business dashboard
  • Orders, Sales and Refunds reports
  • Profit calculation

Professional plan – 79€/Month


  • From 1500 – 5000 orders/month
  • Updates every 10 minutes
  • Business dashboard
  • Orders, Sales and Refunds reports
  • Profit calculation

Guru plan – 199€/Month


  • Unlimited orders
  • Updates every 10 minutes
  • Business dashboard
  • Orders, Sales and Refunds reports
  • Profit calculation
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Vendorati Review

Vendorati is one of the best tools around for tax collection and accounting if you're selling on Amazon. One of their best features is that it works for every Amazon Marketplace and that includes EVERY TAX around and that, at least in Europe, is really hard to find. Some of the Europan VAT tools include them (Hellotax or Taxdoo) but they don't include a detailed product P&L view, the inventory manegement tool or the complete charts set that Vendorati includes.

So, considering you can use this accouting tool for all Amazon marketplaces and unlimited orders for 199€ a month, I would totally recommend that you give it a try.


  • 100% user friendly: it's interface is very easy to use
  • Includes every VAT and Tax Report you need, both for US, Europe and Middle-East / Asia Amazon Marketplaces
  • You can manage your orders and refunds from the tool
  • Reasonable pricing plans. 199€ for unlimited orders is really cheap


  • Limited customer support
  • No mobile app
  • Doesn't include an Amazon invoice generator which would be great, especially, for your FBM orders
  • Doesn't have integrations with other tools

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  • User friendly
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