chargeguard is a company that offers chargeback recovery services for Amazon Vendors who sell on the Amazon Retail platform.

These chargebacks, also known as Amazon compensation payments, can be of several types:

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  • Missing information on the product labels
  • Missing information on the shipment label
  • Repack units in a different way than what Amazon was expecting
  • Include barcodes that cannot be scanned
  • The Vendor delivers the import documents too late
  • Problems in the preparation of stocks
  • Deliveries of Purchase Orders are late (delivered after hours or late)
  • We deliver more stocks or fewer stocks than those requested in the Purchase Orders
  • We do not confirm the Purchase Order or we take too long to confirm it
  • Etc

The result? Amazon issuing a chargeback every time something's wrong. Good news: most of this chargebacks can be fought so you get your money back and that's Chargeguard's job.

Amazon chargebacks for Vendor: how to get your money back with Chargeguard Services

Services offered by include:

  • free audit of the Vendor account's chargebacks
  • identification of incorrectly charged surcharges
  • identification of surcharges that can be battled to get those costs back to you
  • recovery of those costs on behalf of the Vendor

Other services offered also cover:

  • Cost optimization audits and mentoring for Vendors
  • Audits and mentoring to improve profitability for Vendors

chargeguard dashboard

How does it work

To use the service, Vendors must sign up at or request a free audit to provide access to their Amazon Vendor Central account.'s team of experts will then review the Vendor's costs and chargebacks and identify any that have been charged incorrectly.

They call this audit process C.E.R.A. (Chargeguard Evaluation and Recovery Analysis) in which you get:

  • account audit with a history of up to 2 years ago
  • potential recovery of chargebacks and reimbursements of the account
  • complete fee breakdown to understand why and what Amazon Retail has charged you in the last 2 years
  • And much more

From there, will work to recover those unfair surcharges on behalf of the Vendor.

What you get working with Chargeguard

Once you start working with them, this is what you get:

  • 5 Year Fee Recovery
  • Certified Recovery Specialist
  • chargeguard Insight
  • Save Time & Resources
  • Visible Dispute Activity
  • Robust Reporting
  • Increase Profitability
  • Carrier Integration
  • 3X ActionPlan
  • Up to 70% Recovery Rate
  • See Fee Breakdown
  • Root Cause Analysis

chargeguard free audit for amazon vendor chargeback


There are two pricing tiers:

  • For the first $250K recovered: 25% comission.
  • For any remaining: 15% comission.
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If you sell on Amazon, the Amazon Refund or Amazon Reimbursement services will sound familiar to you. There are many software and companies dedicated to recovering money from FBA for Amazon Sellers, but have you seen a company specialized in recovering money from Amazon Vendors?

If you have been selling as 1P to Amazon Retail for a long time, you know that many of the chargebacks they issue are incorrect or too strict and that, if you have the time and patience, you can argue with Amazon Retail to return that unfairly charged money. But this has to be done by opening cases in Vendor Central one by one and it takes a lot of time.

In addition, you need to know how to find the information that Amazon Retail asks you for, at every moment, to get those surcharges back.

The fact that Amazon Vendor does not have an API as complete as the Marketplace Seller API makes the process of recovering these chargebacks even more difficult.

That is where being able to count on a team of experts in 1P chargeback recovery is essential and that is precisely the job of

Request a free audit with them and have them show you everything they are capable of.

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