Teikametrics is an Amazon advertising management software that combines automation, data science and Amazon experience to enhance your Amazon PPC performance and get more sales. But, though Teika is known for the PPC software it also provides an all-in-one tool for Amazon sellers:

  • inventory management
  • keyword ranking research
  • A/B testing
  • PPC campaign optimizer
  • and product review analysis

Sellers who leverage their world-class technology see an average revenue increase of 34% within the first 60 days while maintaining a constant ACoS. Some of the happy sellers using Teikametrics include Razer, Mark Cuban Companies, Swanson, Two Rivers Coffee, Slyde, and Power Practical.

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Teikametrics features

Teikametrics calls its retail optimization platform Flywheel. It is available as self-managed or managed. They also offer customized services that vendors and agencies can tailor to their requirements for doing business in Amazon. Here are the different features that customers can get from their service:

Intuitive and informative dashboards

Flywheel has a dashboard that lets users easily maintain their campaigns on Amazon. The dashboard provides overall campaign data – particularly total revenue, total ad revenue, total ad spend, 56-day advertising cost of sale, and wasted ad-spend.

Users can compare the mentioned metrics of one period to another one selected. Other data available in this view include spend, impressions, clicks, cost per click, click-through rate, conversions, and conversion rate.

The dashboard also provides net ad revenue performance for keywords. The home page just shows the top contributing keywords to net ad revenue. But, users can take a closer look by selecting to view all keywords used in present and previous campaigns.

teikametrics dashboard

Advertising campaign manager

Teikametrics automates everything with the software and all the user has to do is login, create the campaign, and implement the given recommendations.

Flywheel automates keyword bids so users get information on the most cost effective price available. It flags keywords that have poor conversion rates despite having good click-through rates. Users can also set target ad cost on sales thresholds so Flywheel can takeover stopping a campaign without them monitoring it.

Users can view weekly action items in the ad management section. Each campaign is tracked, classified, and recorded under the following categories:

  • negative keywords
  • targeting improvements
  • top contributing keywords
  • and automatic to manual campaigns

Each keyword in the categories has data on impressions, spend, sales, and advertising cost on sales.

Sponsored Brands algorithmic bidding

Since november 2019, Sponsored Brands algorithmic bidding is also included.

For brands, this addition of dynamic, profitability-focused bidding technology makes your Sponsored Brands campaigns on Amazon work smarter. By automatically adjusting bids based on competitive pressures while maintaining desired margins or budgets, your Sponsored Brands campaigns will help grow incremental sales without sacrificing profitability.

Price aware bidding

Users can set their configurations for ad bidding on the platform. These configurations let Flywheel’s algorithm know the users preferences and budget in regards to ad spend. The algorithm will take care of everything the campaign needs and will get one with the best value.

The algorithm has great responsiveness to changes made on the configurations.

teikametrics product metrics

Support for unlimited products and ad campaigns

Teikametrics does not have a limit on the number of products and campaigns that the user wants to implement. It charges the same price as long as the ad-spend remains within the users’ subscription plan.

Integrated to Amazon seller account API

Teikametrics’ Flywheel does not require or store a users’ Amazon login credentials. It does this by integrating directly into the API of the Amazon seller account.

Regular weekly updates

Users receive updates on keyword bid changes and automatic targeting ad groups. The emails would state required actions when the software sees opportunities to negate underperforming keywords, and to change campaigns to improve performance.

Managed services

Teikametrics offer dedicated account managers for users looking to leverage other people’s time and effort in overseeing their campaigns. These account managers have the expertise to create and audit campaigns. They also maintain campaigns weekly to implement negative, auto-to-manual, and targeting improvement keyword actions to minimize cost and maximize profits.

Account managers give full transparency of their actions. They schedule regular calls to review account performance and update campaign strategies.

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Self-managed Flywheel is available at $149, $799, and $1,999 per month. Each plan has an added cost from the percentage spent by the account on ads.

For managed accounts, prices start at $1,800. This excludes the added percentage of ad spending and one-time fee.

The detail on the 3 different plans is as follows

Entrepreneur plan

  • $149/month + 7% monthly ad spend
  • Up to $15,000 in monthly ad spend
  • + variable on monthly ad spend

Pro plan

  • $799/month + 3,5% monthly ad spend
  • Up to $50,000 in monthly ad spend
  • + variable on monthly ad spend

Premium plan

  • $1,999/month + 2% monthly ad spend
  • More than $50,000 in monthly ad spend
  • + variable on monthly ad spend

All the plans include:

  • Product-level Profitability
  • Targeted Keyword Suggestions
  • Unlimited Products & Campaigns
  • Price Aware bidding Algorithm
  • Expert Chat Support
  • Custom Metrics View
  • Free 30 day trial (no credit card required)

Teikametrics review


Users get great benefit from the suggestions given by the platform’s analytics and algorithm. Plus, the algorithm can continuously learn from a seller’s business model to make improve bidding strategies even further without human input.

It provides data analysis tools that help users see which products are profitable and which are not. From this, users can create better decisions on which products should be retained or let go.

Sellers also can save money from testing keywords since Teikametrics already knows those that would perform best. Testing keywords and recording results on a spreadsheet becomes a thing of the past.


However, it has quite the expensive price tag. Even the cheapest option they offer is a bit above a seller’s budget just starting on Amazon. Some might argue that this cost is justified since it can increase business income. But, the added cost is enough that it becomes a risky investment for some sellers, especially beginners. Given that the $149/month plan can accommodate up to $15,000 worth of monthly ad spend, this does not come as a surprise.

Furthermore, the data reported by Flywheel would rarely make sense for those just starting their Amazon business. New sellers would rarely make the most advantage of the features offered by the platform. Even if the budget suggest that it is possible, new sellers should first learn the ropes of selling in Amazon. Once they have done so, they can try Teikametrics’ Flywheel and see if the product can benefit their business.

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