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Zon.Tools is an Amazon PPC Management and Automation Software to help you optimize and boost your Amazon ads campaigns.

Zontools will help you:

  • launch your campaigns quickly
  • automate your current setup
  • auto manage your bids
  • auto add new keywords
  • auto lower or pause low performing keywords
  • reach your ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale).

zon tools dashboard

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Zontools features

The software has 7 propietary algorithmic engines which will help you on the way to create more efficient Amazon PPC campaigns.

Keyword guardian

An automatic engine that will pause your low performing keywords so you never over spend a pennie.

Keyword recycler

An awesome feature. Keyword recycler will automatically look for low performing and paused keywords and will search for alternatives. Once it gets the alternative keywords, it will test them with autobidding in a separate set up so you can track the results easier.

Keyword miner

This feature will automatically add new relevant keywords to your campaigns

Bid gambler

This tool will automatically bid for you. If you are bidding too low and not getting clicks, the algorithm will raise the bids. Works together with the next feature to optimize the keywords performance.

Bid nailer

Automatically adjusts bids to lower your CPCs without losing any clicks


Scans the campaigns searching for lowr performing terms and generating variations (auto, Broad and Phrase)


Automatically adjust your ad groups to help you reach the desired ACoS goal. The algorithm will automatically calculate the bids and adjust them based on your the thresholds you have previously set.

In addition, Zontools has:

  • Fully Customizable and Granular Rules
  • Works on all US and International Amazon Marketplaces and, since June 2019 in Australia too
  • Automatic Smart Campaign & Ad Group Creation
  • Automatic keyword Match Segmentation
  • Handle Large Accounts and Data Sets
  • Thousounds of Campaigns
  • Millions of Keywords and Customer Search Terms
  • Multiple Times a Day Customer Search Term Mining
  • Multiple Times a Day Automated Bid Changes Based On User-Defined Criteria. (for Manual and Auto Campaigns)
  • Multiple Times a Day Automatically Pause/Enable Keywords based on User-Defined Criteria
  • Multiple Times a Day Automatically Set Bleeding Search Terms to Negative


zon tools screenshot


Use code “jordiob” to get a 15% lifetime discount on any Zon.tools plan

15% off lifetime


Use discount code jordiob for a lifetime 15% off on all subscription plans

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Never expires


3 plans based on your monthly ad spend.
The following example is for a $5.001 to $10.000 monthly budget on PPC.

Analyzer plan, $35 / month


  • Risk-Free 30-Day $1 Trial
  • Manually Manage Existing Campaigns
  • US, CA, MX, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, IN
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Basic Support

Masterer plan, $169 / month

  • Risk-Free 30-Day $1 Trial
  • Everything from Analyzer Plan
  • KeyWord Guardian™
  • KeyWord Recycler™
  • Bid Gambler™
  • Bid Nailer™
  • Auto-Mate™
  • Priority Support

Dominator plan, $299 / month

  • Risk-Free 30-Day $1 Trial
  • Everything from Masterer Plan
  • Proprietary PGN Structure
  • KeyWord Miner™
  • Term-Inator™
  • All Upgrades Included
  • Priority Support

Plus you have no contracts. Cancel, upgrade and downgrade at any time without a penalisation.


It has a 30 day trial for $1

Zontools review

It’s definitely THE software to set-up and maintain your PPC campaigns. I wish I have known ZonTools before so I hadn’t wasted my time with manual (and infernal) biddings trying to emulate real time bids.

This software is really a time saver for your campaign day to day administration so I’d definitely give it a try

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