JoeLister is an Amazon to eBay listing and fulfillment tool.

This cloud-based software helps Amazon seller sell their merchandise on eBay and create extra sales.

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Joelister has been going on for some time and is doing very well. In recent years, JoeLister has helped many sellers on Amazon selling up to $6 billion worth of products on eBay.

If you are an Amazon seller and would you like to offer your inventory through another channel, this is the company to help you fulfill your idea. JoeLister has the experience and the resources to empower you to do that.

There is a range of plans to suit various levels of business traffic. You should take some time to find the plan which works for you. So you can try before you make a commitment. We’ll cover that matter in some more detail in the features section. According to JoeLister, they have the whole Amazon-seller-on-eBay situation covered. It will do no harm to check out this company and see if it can live up to their promises and your expectations.

JoeLister's features

Let’s explore the features of the service offered by JoeLister. How exactly can this company make magic happen? The magic of offering your Amazon inventory for sale on eBay?

JoeLister supports automatic fulfillment using Amazon FBA and eBay's global shipping program. Merchant-fulfilled items are supported too.

Amazon inventory synchronization

JoeLister can synchronize your Amazon inventory with eBay any time you want.

It makes use of the client’s Amazon Marketplace Web Services (Amazon MWS) details. It also needs eBay details to get the required access. All with the client’s authorization, of course.

eBay Fulfillment

When the client sells a product on eBay, JoeLister gets the order fulfilled. That's done through Amazon and posts tracking information is on eBay.

Accurated tracking information

JoeLister will post all tracking information on the eBay site as it occurs. This is in contrast with Amazon, which usually takes 24 hours to post tracking details.

Online training

JoeLister gives its new clients full training by video. The clients learn all aspects of synchronizing their Amazon account with eBay. The client learns how to itemize products on eBay with JoeLister’s listing editor. Details added include name, price, condition, and description as well as pictures. The client also learns how to configure their settings to customize their brand on eBay.

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Pricing plans

There are 5 pricing plans currently available:

Basic plan – $25/month

  • 100 live listings
  • Custom templates
  • Email support

Plus – $49/month

  • 250 live listings
  • Custom templates
  • Email support

Pro – $79/month

  • 500 live listings
  • Custom templates
  • Priority email support

Supreme – $139/month

  • 2.500 live listings
  • Custom templates
  • Priority email support

Enterprise – $349/month

  • Unlimited live listings
  • Custom templates
  • Phone support


Well, what could I say about Joelister? When you only have to pay a reasonable fee and do nothing else to open a new online channel for your sales, any income you get is great. But Joelister might be quite expensive for some people if you compare it to cheaper solutions. Me? Wouldn't change it for the world.

As for their customer service, is excellent. Quick response by email in less than 24 hours. So, if you are looking for some extra cash selling what you already have listed on Amazon, Joelister can help you with just a little effort.

JoeLister - Overview

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