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Trendle Analytics is one of the best renowned All-in-one Amazon tools that you could come across. With all the utilities that you will benefit from a really nice deal, you are going to be able to push further your Amazon business since day one.

Each Amazon seller should have in mind how is the best tool you could be going to when looking out for Amazon tools to help you with such things as:

  • Inventory Management
  • Keyword Ranking
  • Amazon Profits
  • Review Analysis
  • A/B Test
  • PPC Campaign optimizator

This Amazon all-in-one tool does offer a mailing-list service, where you can sign up to receive free eBooks, feature updates, Amazon News, and pretty much everything you do need in order to excel at being an Amazon seller.

What is the secret of the success of Trendle Analytics? It is made by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers! Just as easy as that.

Trendle Analytics Features

Trendle does offer many features for each one of the Amazon markets that it does cover. You can have easy-to-understand information in many dashboards, about:

  • All Amazon big markets: which do cover: USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, Australia and Japan, and is offered in the languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.
  • FBA Refund: you do need to worry about your claims towards Amazon.
  • Product and Seller Reviews: you will receive alerts on the review that your clients make towards you and your products, so you can have an easy track over which ones are negative and you can take care of them.
  • Inventory Analytics.
  • Ads Performance: so you can automatize your ACoS and other settings of your campaigns (PPC price, negative KW, etc).
  • Rentability Analytics: compare, revise and identified the strong points of your products for each Amazon market.
  • Keywords Ranking: for each product and country.
  • Automatic Email Service: to help you get reviews from your customers and have a better relation and feedback with your clients.
  • Test A/B: you can test: price, selling price, images, bullets and title.

Trendle Analytics Trial

Trendle Analytics does offer a 30 days free-trial, where you can learn all the benefits of this all-in-one Amazon tool, and each one of its features.

You will be able to manage your business by taking advantage of all the features that it does offer, since day 1 of the free trial.

Signing up for Trendle’s trial is so easy, and does not require for you to give credit card information.

Trendle Analytics Price does offer just one plan which costs $50 per month, and does have a special offer for new Amazon sellers for $10/month.

Trendle Analytics subscription plan lets you enjoy the full experience of all the features that they have come across to collect on this all-in-one Amazon tool. You can pay for it in Euros, US dollars (USD) or UK pounds (GBP).

Trendle Analytics Review

Trendle Analytics is one of the best Amazon tools you can come across when looking to improve your Amazon Seller revenue numbers and become really good with your business. This all-in-one Amazon tool does offer pretty easy to understand dashboards with information updated for each of the Amazon markets that you are operating on.

This tool is going to make your experience as an Amazon Seller easy and much more efficient than if you are just dependent on getting information from different sources (and/or tools). With the help of Trendle Analytics your productivity on the daily tasks on your Amazon business will get easier to control and get feedback on, such as: restocking best-sellers, getting reviews and managing campaigns, between others.

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