Mirakl is the number one tool when it comes to transform your ecommerce in a marketplace. Many retailers have used Mirakl to marketplace their online business: PC Componentes, El Corte Ingles, Decathlon, Leroy Merlin, Maisons Du Monde and many others.

What is Mirakl?

Mirakl is the solution you have to create a marketplace without the need for any technical knowledge, in this way it is responsible for enhancing your platform strategy which will allow you to quickly launch an online marketplace. The function of marketplaces is to allow companies to easily add products and services while connecting with external vendors and suppliers.

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In this way, Mirakl becomes one of the first publishers to have created e-commerce solutions that allow online retailers such as Darty or Galeries Lafayette to offer thousands of independent merchants to sell their products through the same platform in an organized way.

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Mirakl's features

Before joining Mirakl you may wonder what other features it offers and see if it will benefit your business for the better. For starters, the platform takes care of automating the difficult aspects of running a marketplace, such as a vendor onboarding, service quality control, and order distribution, just to name a few functions, all in a turnkey solution that is easy to integrate into any e-commerce platform.

The B2B / B2C marketplace platform also automates wholesale, manufacturing, and retail processes by engaging third-party drop shippers and partners and bringing distribution channels online. Among other of Mirakl's most useful features are:

  • SEO management
  • Catalog segmentation
  • Shipping management
  • Order management
  • Multichannel marketing
  • Loyalty program
  • Electronic payments
  • Shopping cart
  • The online catalog
  • Revenue management
  • Promotions management

Not to mention that operators and vendors have the option to promote their products using various omnichannel functionalities such as Endless-Aisle, Click & Collect and Returns In-Store. It also allows inbound users to manage their portfolio by linking value-added services to products and gives service providers a hand in streamlining ordering and payment workflows tailored to optimize their service catalogs.

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A bonus of Mirakl is that it offers an integrated calendar with flexible scheduling options, which helps customers to book a time slot or request their preferred date based on availability. This is why more than 150 customers in 40 countries rely on Mirakl's expertise.

Let's discuss some of the best features of the tool

AI Categorization

New products registered by sellers will be analyzed with a new intelligent algorithm that will detect potentially miscategorized products. The system will recommend new categories with a confidence score to be able to choose, and if necessary, make changes to a large number of similar products.

Unification of dropshipping and Marketplace operations

Combining operations can create new business opportunities with existing dropshipping providers while incorporating new categories, adding sellers with a Marketplace.

Simplified B2B sales

New technical enhancements such as customer profile management and segmentation enable companies to simplify B2B sales, drive adoption, and scale business growth.

Dashboard and alerting systems

Improved vendor monitoring with advanced alerting functionality and suspension rules to help with quality control compliance when a vendor fails to comply.

Shipping options

Mirakl's new shipping capabilities allow marketplaces to partner with eCommerce delivery solutions and third-party logistics platforms to improve the quality of delivery service to their end customers, thereby reducing shipping times and shipping costs.

Mirakl review

From my point of view, Mirakl is the tool you need if you want to transform your ecommerce into a marketplace. That being said, the initial investment is huge and it could be around $100/200k but, believe, it's worth it. But it's not for every retailer, that's for sure.

To finish deciding on this platform you will end up being convinced by the opinions and testimonials of the companies that are already benefiting from it.

  1. The owner of Information Technology and Services, with 11-50 employees, comments:

“We have used Mirakl as vendors for several well-known marketplaces. We have never had any Mirakl crashes or unwanted behavior. All order management and stock/price updates were done through the API, but could also be done manually very easily. Orders could be pulled and uploaded through an Excel spreadsheet.”

Pro points:

The ease of integration via API, all very well documented. The reliability of the software in terms of payments, orders, and stocks.

  1. Retail owner, with 1001-5000 employees, comments:

“Lots of features for the marketplace operator, and for marketplace vendors It is very scalable and easy to use. Their customer success team is also incredibly helpful in sharing best practices. Their customer base is also impressive and very helpful to learn from others.”

  1. A user working in Information Technology and Services, with 11-50 employees, comments:

“This software helped me a lot to expand my business into dropshipping I was at a point where I was not able to scale the business, and Mirakl was key to tackle it successfully. It has a business strategy and guidance services, which were very important to me at the stage I was at, I felt it was an eye-opener to drive the path of my business and make some crucial decisions.”

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