Nepeto is an automated product sourcing tool specifically designed for Amazon Sellers reselling products in the Marketplace.

With its advanced algorithm, Nepeto scans hundreds of retailers, unique distributors and wholesale suppliers to provide you with a vast selection of thousands of profitable products ready for reselling on Amazon. It eliminates the need for manual searching and presents the results in a user-friendly table, making it easy for you to find the most lucrative products for your business.

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Some of the suppliers available to search flips on the tool are: Walmart, Home Depot, Target, Game Stop, Macys, Best Buy, Kohls or Barnes & Noble.

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As usual, let's break'em down:

Automated Scanning

Nepeto's algorithm scans hundreds of suppliers, including big names like Walmart, Kohl's, Zoro and Home Depot, to find profitable and top-selling products for your Amazon store.

Wide Range of Categories

Access more categories (sourcing types) to explore, allowing you to tap into a diverse range of product opportunities.

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Filter and Search Options

Nepeto provides a filtering system that allows you to refine your product search based on category, price, ROI, BSR and AZ offers. You can even filter products by supplier, such as Walmart, to exclusively focus on products from your preferred supplier.

Product Details

Nepeto offers detailed information about each product, including 30-day and 90-day average prices on Amazon, Amazon as a seller, number of reviews, customer ratings, sales rank fluctuations, variation count, and estimated monthly sales.

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Additional Features

Nepeto goes beyond its main features to offer out-of-stock items, a2a deals (Amazon flips), products from various Telegram groups, liquidation sale goods, bundles, and extensive lead lists for deeper sourcing options.


Nepeto offers 4 different subscription plans, including a 3 days free trial (you need to input your credit card):

Starter plan – $17 / month

This plan includes profitable products from retail suppliers (Walmart, Target, Kohl's, Zoro, Home Depot, etc.), products from more than 60 unique distributors, and a 3-day free trial

Advanced plan – $39 / month

The Advanced plan includes everything from the Starter plan, along with profitable products from wholesale suppliers, profitable products that are currently out-of-stock on Amazon, advanced product data, and the ability to export 500 Nepeto's products to CSV (Lead List). It also comes with a 3-day free trial.

Pro plan – $49 / month

The Pro plan provides all the features of the Advanced plan, with additional benefits like access to Telegram (coming soon), bundles (coming soon), liquidations (coming soon), and the ability to export 2,000 Nepeto's products to CSV (Lead List). It also comes with a 3-day free trial.

Enterprise plan – custom pricing

The Enterprise plan encompasses all the features of the previous plans, along with the ability to export 10,000 Nepeto's products to CSV (Lead List), access to the Scanner [Beta] for finding products from given CSV, the option to prioritize adding specific suppliers to Nepeto, discounted prep services, and a personal sales representative. Pricing details for this plan can be obtained by contacting the Nepeto team directly.

Subscriptions can be upgraded or canceled at any time through the customer portal, giving you the flexibility to adapt to your evolving needs.

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Nepeto is a standalone tool that focuses specifically on automated product sourcing for Amazon


Starting at $17/month, this is one of the cheapes Amazon online arbitrage tools to find reselling products in the market. Nepeto covers various categories, offering users access to a multitude of product opportunities. This variety is crucial for Amazon Sellers looking to diversify their offerings. On top of that the inclusion of out-of-stock items, a2a deals and products from unique sources like Telegram groups adds value by presenting more sourcing opportunities, mixing an Amazon reselling tool and an arbitrage leads service.

The tool鈥檚 strengths lie in its automation, detailed product insights, and varied sourcing options. The automation saves significant time and effort, which would otherwise be spent on manual product searching as it's the usual way when you're sourcing products online.

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