Prestozon produces software to help its clients manage their Amazon advertising campaigns.

It takes a lot of the time-consuming aspects out of handling an Amazon ad campaign, so this tool is here to help you.

Prestozon helps the client to carry out PPC ad campaigns in an automated manner. It also helps keep track of the progress of that campaign. In short, it helps to carry out a fuss-free PPC ad campaign.

The client is able to concentrate on other aspects of taking care of their business. This company exists to serve Amazon sellers. Its mission is to make Amazon advertising much easier for the client. The very name suggests that the mission of this company is to work magic on Amazon.

Prestozon is often used by Amazon consultants.  They engage the company on behalf of their clients. Whether the client is a seller or a consultant working on a seller's behalf, Prestozon can handle it.

It has the tools to automate and track any Amazon PPC ads campaign. The Prestozon team has a strong background in software and data science. You can trust them to design software that will meet your needs.

Prestozon features

Let’s take a quick look at the different features of Prestozon. Let's find out what they offer to clients. The people who use Prestozon software to automate their Amazon PPC ad campaigns.

Bid optimization

Prestozon’s software can capitalize on the user’s bid optimization history. This maximizes bid optimization success. Prestozon can only see the client’s advertising data with the client’s permission.  They access it through the Amazon  Advertising Application Programming Interface (API).

Works on every Amazon marketplace

Prestozon has a global presence. It reaches every Amazon marketplace, from the US to India and back. The only marketplaces it doesn’t support are the ones in China and Japan. Amazon doesn’t yet show the data in these markets available through the Amazon API. At least not yet at the time of writing.

Works for multiple accounts

If the client operates in more than one market, they will need a separate account for each one. But they will be able to see all the accounts from one login.

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There are no contracts and no setup fees but a few particularly attractive features about Prestozon pricing. If a client decides that Prestozon is the right fit, they can save 10% on fees by paying a year’s fees in advance. Otherwise, they may pay monthly. There are also discounts for consultants and agencies. Users will find Prestozon surprisingly affordable and the fees, flexible.

So, basically, there are 7 pricing tiers depending on your monthly ad spend:

  1. Up to $5000 ad spend: $80 monthly fee
  2. Up to $10.000 ad spend: $125 monthly fee
  3. Up to $15.000 ad spend: $300 monthly fee
  4. Up to $20.000 ad spend: $400 monthly fee
  5. Up to $35.000 ad spend: $500 monthly fee
  6. Up to $50.000 ad spend: $750 monthly fee
  7. Up to $100.000 ad spend: $1.000 monthly fee
  8. Every additional $50.000 is +$250 a month

For +10K+ accounts they offer premium support:

  • First Priority Response
  • Personalized on-boarding call
  • Optional beta access to new features

Pricing includes one users, if you need more users you need to contact them.


Prestozon is a good fit for new sellers who need to learn more about managing PPC ads on Amazon.

It’s also recommended for experienced sellers who need to automate their ads. It reduces the amount of time spent on ads, leaving them free to concentrate on the other work. But one thing is certain.

Even if a user finds the app awesome, it’s still better to understand the way to handle PPC without the app. That’s because there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for PPC. Every individual seller has a unique set of circumstances.

The tool may be ideal for one seller. It mightn’t suit another seller at all.  So rather than grow dependent on the app, it's better to use it with care and learn all that can be learned from its use.

Each client and each campaign is different.  One user can use the Prestozon app and have a positive experience. Another can have the opposite. It’s great that Prestozon gives such a generous free trial because it’s a good way to see if the system is a good fit. There’s no pressure to commit before you’re ready to do so. User experience reports can be conflicting. One user will say the software is excellent and give it the five-star approval. Another user could find the product doesn’t live up to desired expectations.

They give it a tough and disapproving review. This software is a tool. If used correctly, it has a high possibility of delivering a good performance for the client. This needs to be kept in mind.

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