Skubana is an eCommerce inventory and order management system for brands and sellers. It offers a multichannel approach: it integrates all the channels you are selling on, so that you can manage them all from one place. It integrates eCommerce, wholesale, retail, marketplaces, brick & mortar and pop-up stores.

Skubana is a standard and comprehensive tool for 3PL integrations, dropshippers and FBA sellers that offers both native and add-ons integration to sellers and brands worldwide. It easily integrates with platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Walmart or Fed-Ex and many more.

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It has been recently acquired by 3PL Central.

Skubana Features


Skubana offers seamless integrations between the platforms you use to sell –Shopify, Amazon and many more–, whether they are native or powered by specific add-ons that can be purchased on Apple Store.

Unifying all your sales channels and all your inventory and order management interfaces will enable you to manage these key aspects of your business from one single place, making it a lot easier and faster.

You will receive all your orders in the same inbox, no matter where they come from; and your warehouses’ stocks will be automatically updated in real time.

Let’s see what you get with this feature:

  • Integrated dashboard with all your channels, warehouses and products
  • All your suppliers in a single database
  • Unified operations dashboard
  • Cross-channel reporting with detailed info on revenue, orders and units sold
  • Inventory updates in real time
  • Product bundling and tracking tools

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With Skubana you will be able to automate a considerable amount of steps –and that will make your life easier even when you’re not working, regardless if you’re a small brand just starting, a fast-growing brand or a marketplace seller. This is what you’ll get:

  • All your operations will be synchronized
  • Orderbots outsourcing: you’ll be able to configure Skubana’s Orderbots to automate a number of key parameters
  • Intelligent recommendations: Skubana learns from your inventory replenishment patterns and makes recommendations
  • Automated PO’s in real time, considering seasonality, sales speed and lead times
  • Specific inventory rules and general inventory control to prevent overselling
  • Automated replenishments
  • Bundle breakdown
  • Order splitting
  • Rate shopping among all available suppliers
  • Amazon Multi-channel fulfillment


This is the analytics part of the Skubana software: it does not only provide you with an efficient inventory and order management dashboard, but also with detailed data about your purchases, sales and operations so that you can improve your processes and grow your business.

  • Forecasting tools so that you increase your profits
  • Opportunities Found feature: Skubana reports include this feature that will help you identify sales opportunities you might be missing out
  • Savings tracking
  • Inventory movement tracking


Skubana also provides additional learning and development resources:

    • App Store: you will find the latest add-ons to keep your business on top
    • Blog
    • Expert business guides
  • Help center
  • Webinars

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Skubana Pricing

Skubana starts at $1,000 a month and is based on the number of orders you ship per year. For a customized quote please reach out to

Skubana Review

Skubana is a great software for large retailers and, if you’re processing a generous amount of orders each month, this software will be a complete game-changer for you. You will find its multi-channel multi-warehouse approach amazingly convenient.

If you’re not only selling on Amazon, but also on eBay, Walmart and, and are sending your orders via UPS to 8 different countries from 10 individual warehouses… Well, in that case Skubana is definitely for you: all your orders and inventory management will be centralized on a single dashboard.

Skubana is an ideal tool if you want to escalate your business, particularly thanks to its multi-channel approach. You will be able to integrate all your sales channels in one place –regardless they are eCommerce sites, marketplaces or retail. So it makes sense to use this software if you are selling through all those channels at the same time.

Skubana’s analytics part is also very interesting. It allows you to automate the creation of PO’s and offers you forecasting tools based on your replenishment patterns that will lead you to identify business opportunities and to prevent stock overspending and overselling. Its AI and metrics also allow you to oversee your operations and to identify inefficiencies that may cost you a lot of money.

Great tool if your business is big and multi-channel, and if your inventory and orders management has become quite a nightmare. With Skubana you'll be able to put everything in order.

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