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Skubana is the industry leader when it comes to order and inventory management integration with third party softwares.

You can use Skubana not just to manage your Amazon Seller FBM /FBA account, also to connect your apps to UPS,, Walmart, Shopify, Bigcommerce or Magento.

A standard tool for 3PL integrations, dropshippers and FBA sellers.

Skubana features

1 click integration

Easy integration with tools such as:

  • Amazon
  • BQool
  • / Appeagle
  • XSellco
  • Zapier
  • And more apps and ecommerce softwares

skubana screenshot

Multi warehouse order fulfillment

Wether you are fulfilling in-house, using a third party warehouse, dropshipping, using FBA, selling on Amazon or on other platforms… Skubana got you covered.

Comes also with useful tools such as:

  • Orderbots
  • Shipping rates calculator
  • FBA / FBM support
  • Return labels

Inventory management

Automatic cross-platform inventory updates focused on one warehouse or multi warehouse. Also with:

  • Maximum Possible Bundle/Kit Inventory
  • Breakdown Inventory View
  • Overselling/underselling prevention
  • Excluded warehouses
  • Share FBA Inventory with FBM Listings
  • Multiple pick locations

Purchasing assistant

Your orders on the easiest way:

  • Intuitive order processing
  • Returns management
  • Automated orders and vendor workflow


  • Products analytics: top and worst sellers, YoY growth, SKU profitability, listing profitability…
  • Inventory analytics: trending value, performance, critical levels, FBA forecasting…
  • Orders analytics: sales overview, biggest tickets…
  • Customers analytics: Life Time Value, biggest spenders, worst clients…
  • Accounting analytics: sales summary, Cost Of Goods Sold by channel, shipment summary…


There are no public prices, so you need to request a quote here.

Also, there’s no trial.


This is a software for large retailers and it will be a complete game-changer for you, but just if you’re doing quite a lot of orders every month. Also, it’s a great tool to cover multi-warehouses and multi-channels accross the Internet.

Imagine you’re not just selling on Amazon, but also eBay, Walmart and and sending your orders through UPS to 8 different countries using 10 separated warehouses. Well, then, Skubana is definitely for you, as it will dashboard your order and inventory flow in just one app.

Demo Mondays #24 - Skubana - automate your eCommerce channels

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