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888Lots is a wholesale liquidation platform that offers a wide range of products to businesses. It sources high-quality merchandise at low prices, making it a reliable source of inventory for businesses in need. From clothing to electronics, home goods to toys, 888Lots has a diverse range of products available for businesses to choose from.

If you're looking to resell or even wholesale on Amazon, you should consider checking this company's catalogue as they're one of the top providers worldwide. It's so used for Amazon Sellers you even have a one click button to login or register using your Amazon Seller Central account:

888lots register or sign in using amazon account


888lots has:

  • At the time this review was written, there were more than 60,000 brand new products in over 90 categories
  • Fixed price lots with the option to negotiate the price
  • Detailed information on each lot, including ASIN numbers, UPC codes, descriptions, MSRP values, discount from MSRP, reviews, sales rank, and a downloadable and printable manifest

And you can buy products using different methods such as:

  • Buy individual items (of course, it costs more than buying more than 1)
  • Buying lots, meaning you buy a lot containing more than 1 unit, normally, dozens of them
  • Multi warehouse, an amazing service that ships one SKU to multiple warehouses with a flat shipping rate of $1 per item
  • Manufacturer direct: this is specially for wholesalers, you can buyt directly from trusted manufaturers. The Minimum Order Quantity is bigger, of course
  • Special deals, where you can find deals coming from trending products, Eight Cents Stores, Dollar Stores or Five Dollar Stores

888lots listing example


The pricing of the lots offered by 888Lots varies depending on the specific products and quantities being purchased. As a business, you have the option to negotiate the price of each lot with their sales representative, ensuring you get the best deal possible.


888Lots integrates with Amazon, specifically Amazon.com and Canada. You can integrate with the European Marketplaces, I did it for my account, but many of the lots available are just shipped to the US and Canada, for logical reasons.

Those integrations, allow businesses to easily ship and fulfill their orders through Amazon's FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) service.

AS you can integrate your Amazon Seller Central using MWS, 888lots has access to catalogue creation, so you can bulk upload the products to your Amazon catalogue directly from 888.

Sourcing Profitable Items from 888 Lots for Online Arbitrage & Reselling on Amazon

888lots Review

888Lots has established itself by sourcing high-quality merchandise at prices that are a fraction of their market value. That and their vast catalogue are the reason why they are one of the top wholesaling sites around.

While 888Lots offers a wide range of products at discounted prices, there's always a shadow over your account, as you may have it deactivated without explanation. Also, when you buy a lot or buy directly from a manufacturer, there's always a possibility that you receive damaged or expired items. Of course, you'll get your money back, but it's difficult to 100% ensure there won't be any problem on your orders. However, 888lots top notch sales representatives and the customer service will fix it for you, no matter what.


  • Diverse inventory, with over 60,000 brand new products in over 90 categories
  • The platform allows users to negotiate the price of each lot, ensuring better deals
  • Each lot comes with extensive details such as ASIN numbers, UPC codes, and descriptions
  • Multiple purchase options, from buying individual items to special deals and manufacturer direct buying, there's flexibility in how businesses can purchase
  • Integration with Amazon, especially with FBA, which makes it easier for Sellers to list and ship products
  • Multi Warehouse Service to ship one or more SKUs to multiple warehouses with an attractive flat shipping rate
  • Top notch customer service


  • Random account deactivation without clear explanations, posing a risk for businesses
  • The possibility of receiving damaged or expired items, although refunded, is a potential challenge
  • Many of the lots available are predominantly shipped to the US and Canada, limiting businesses in other regions
  • High Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for manufacturer direct. Cash is king when wholesaling.

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