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When Helium 10 adds a new tool to its suite for Amazon, all of us who work selling online pay attention. We know that we may be facing a change in the way we work that helps us simplify the effort and increase profitability.

That's why when we found out about the existence of Adtomic we ran to register to test this campaign creation, automation and optimization software on Amazon . In this case we can say that it has not disappointed us either.

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Why is this tool so interesting to us? For its use of Artificial Intelligence and for being useful both for newcomers to the Amazon advertising platform and for experts who already have a track record and many campaigns behind them. We can all see an obvious improvement in performance regardless of our starting level.

Why Adtomic?

If you are familiar with Helium 10, you will know that it is tools that are characterized by¬†great power and very refined usability¬†.¬†If we add to this that each solution really covers a need … we are dealing with one of the best specialists in the market.

Adtomic is the company's answer to a native advertising platform, Amazon's, which is neither the most intuitive nor the most operational.

This is something that all sellers and even agencies that land for the first time have ‚Äúsuffered‚ÄĚ.¬†It is inevitable to compare it with other similar services and, things as they are, Amazon does not fare very well if we confront it with Google Ads (although it is also fair to say that it is improving).

For their part, although the experts are already made up of their logic, they have always missed more agility and resources to help them invest less time in routine processes that are repeated over and over again.

adtomic dashboard

How does Adtomic work?

We are facing a really advanced tool that has a lot of intelligence behind it. Specifically Artificial Intelligence and its own algorithm that allows it to combine a huge amount of data. Based on these you can automatically decide on the current parameters and make a forecast for the future.

The first thing we see when accessing the tool's control panel is a global vision of our account.¬†From here we see the performance at different levels:¬†campaign, ad groups, ad, keyword …¬†we also have data on the performance of the main products (by cost and by sales), ACoS by campaign, cost by keyword and other generic data of the account performance.

In reality, the information we receive only with this is already really valuable, but it is still a somewhat broad photograph. Do not worry that it is only the beginning, the depth of analysis and the implementation start from here, since we can progress until we see the panel of each of the aforementioned levels.

Within the detail we have very complete tables with the main dimensions (investment, sales, ACoS, ROAS, impressions, clicks, type of bid …).¬†We insist: you can filter by¬†ad groups, ASINs or Keywords¬†.

We could say without exaggeration that, in that sense, Adtomic is what the Amazon control panel should be. The good news is that there is more.

ūüĎČ Visit Adtomic

Campaign automation

This is the main value of the tool. The truth is that thanks to AI we can put the automatic pilot in our campaigns and do it with guarantees of success.

Also, another important thing is that Adtomic is very transparent about what it is optimizing. Unlike other software with similar functions, we do not have to make a leap of faith when using it. If you pause an ad or place a keyword as negative (for example), you will always communicate the reason for that decision in a clear and well-founded way.

But before we get to that, a brief explanation of how Adtomic's automatic campaign creation works . We have two options: the fast or assisted mode and the guided mode. The first is more suitable for those who do not have a great experience yet in creating campaigns, while, logically, the guided mode is designed for those managers who are more clear about their objectives and strategy.

In the most automatic mode, the fast one, we can define three main objectives based on which the campaign will be created:

  • Launch¬†– Optimize your bidding for the highest volume of impressions and visibility.¬†Perfect for new products.
  • Performance¬†: establishes a continuous improvement of those products that have it in terms of ACoS with a bidding system based on this parameter.
  • Liquidation¬†: when you have surplus stock for whatever reason, these campaigns help you sell quickly and get rid of logistics, storage, Amazon FBA fees …

Then it almost only remains to choose¬†which automations we want to apply¬†between Keywords automatically promoted or set as negative and automatic bid adjustments.¬†We set a maximum level of bid and daily investment … and that's it.

It really is a resource that not only saves enormous amounts of time , it also has a decisive impact on the performance of our campaigns.

We encourage you to try it today, you can do it 30 days with a money back guarantee . Find out about their pricing plans here.

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