Asin Seed

AsinSeed is an accurate Amazon keyword tool dedicated to helping seller strengthen Amazon SEO and PPC keywords. With AsinSeed tool, get access to Amazon keyword research, reverse ASIN, and more.

This tool is easy to use and works wonders, get the competitor traffic-driven keywords by entering ASIN code, get the relevant and profitable keyword by entering seed keyword.

Asin Seed Features

This Reverse ASIN tool does offer quite accurate information for the main features of the plans:

  • Find out the used search terms of your competitors.
  • Queries per month.
  • Support for 7 marketplaces.
  • Export billions of keywords and products.
  • Queries per minute.
  • Support Chrome Extension

Reverse ASIN

  • Find the keywords customers are using to find your or your competitor’s products.
  • Comprehensive keyword metrics to narrow down to the right keyword. (searches, purchase, keyword hot, unique words, etc).

Keyword Research

  • Get the most relevant and the best keyword to grow your listing traffic
  • Find the optimal keyword you might never think of
  • Determine which keywords are important with useful metrics (searches, purchase, purchase rate, search results, etc).


Asin Seed does offer a free monthly-plan where you can obtain:

  • 10 free queries per month
  • Support for all the marketplaces they do cover
  • Export for Top 20 KW
  • Support Chrome Extension
  • 1 user online/account


They do offer 3 different monthly plans, which you can choose to pay yearly if you do want to enjoy of a 20% off:

  • Standard: $19,90 per month / $198,00 per year
  • Platinum: $59,90 per month / $598,00 per year
  • API: $998,00 per month / $9.998,00 per year

Asin Seed Review

Asin Seed does offer quite a wide range of information for an easy-to-use tool, where you can find information about the keywords used from your competitors, as well as analyzing data from all the ASIN codes you do want to find out.

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