ChannelAdvisor is an ecommerce platform for companies from all sectors and markets seeking to broaden their horizons by connecting with more customers and providing them with a better purchase experience.

With ChannelAdvisor, it is possible to reach the main marketplaces and ecommerce platforms –such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook and many more. The objective is to improve sales strategies, marketing and products so that clients identify with the need the product seeks to satisfy and subsequently buy it regularly.

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ChannelAdvisor Features

Multichannel synchronization

Being active and present in the different ecommerce and marketing platforms increases sales. Knowing this, ChannelAdvisor syncs with the major platforms.

In addition to it, since not all platforms work with the same sales and marketing regulations, ChannelAdvisor adapts to each one so as not to violate any regulations.

Different strategies

There is no single way to reach customers and strategies do not all work on any product, so this tool offers a wide range of solutions.

Inventory management

Its inventory management tool is very complete, since it can not only be applied globally, but also by departments, so product control is at its fullest and the offer can be worked on with real quantities.

Other Features

  • Product search listing
  • Supply and demand tracking
  • Product details
  • Order and shipping scheduling
  • Omnichannel data collection
  • Cross-platform marketing
  • Completed inventory lock
  • Automatic pricing review tools
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ChannelAdvisor Plans and Pricing

ChannelAdvisor has neither predetermined plans nor a free trial. Instead, they set up tailor-made budgets based on different factors such as market type, target platforms, or business size, among others.

ChannelAdvisor Reviews

ChannelAdvisor was born in 2001 and since then its software has progressively improved both in terms of service and technology, which has enabled it to establish branches in Brazil, London, New York, Seattle, Australia, Spain and other places in Europe.

As a logical consequence, its expansion has brought more clients from different sectors who seek to reach a greater number of clients and who claim to have achieved it with this software.

However, its higher prices –compared to other similar tools– and its complicated installation process make this tool not the most recommended one for beginners or small businesses.


  • Excellent reputation and general acceptance
  • Social media reach
  • Cloud deployment
  • Robust and scalable system


  • Poor technical support
  • Slow response time to new customers
  • Complicated installation
  • High pricing


Our score

  • Number of features
  • Pricing
  • Learning curve
  • User friendly
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  • Number of features
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  • Learning curve
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