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Feedback Genius is a tool to automate emails and track your feedback and reviews from your Amazon customers. When using this tool, like with Feedback Five, you just get full control over the reviews of your products on Amazon.

Improve your Amazon seller reputation and make your future customers’ buying experience better!

Feedback Genius Features

  • Track and check Reviews.
  • Profitability.
  • Amazon SEO.
  • Competitor Monitoring.
  • Amazon PPC.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Product Research.

Feedback Genius Trial

You can get a 30-day Free Trial, with no need of introducing your credit/debit card information! It automatically expires with no engagement needed.

Feedback Genius Price

The price varies on the plan you choose, and all of them have a $10 supplement for each available marketplace, except from the “Essentials” plan.

  • Essentials: $0/month, with 100 Emails and 1 marketplace.
  • Startup: $20/month, with 1,000 Emails and $10 for each available marketplace.
  • Growth: $40/month, with 3,000 Emails and $10 for each available marketplace.
  • Premium: $80/month, with 10,000 Emails and $10 for each available marketplace.
  • High Volume: $250/month, with 60,000 Emails and $10 for each available marketplace.

Feedback Genius Review

Feedback Genius is great to get instant notifications about every new product review, so you can check them before going public. Also, with this tool it is easier to respond quickly to your customers. So you can focus on those negative reviews and take immediate action.

And, and foremost the greatest utility is that you can use positive reviews to improve your copywriting and reputation on Amazon, so you are one step nearer to win the Buy Box.

Feedback genius video review

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