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Feedback Genius is a tool to automate emails and track your feedback and reviews from your Amazon customers. When using this tool,聽you just get full control over the reviews of your products on Amazon.

Feedback Genius works in 8 marketplaces: US, Mexico, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain

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Feedback Genius Features

Buyer – Seller automation

Using Feedback Genius you will be able to automate your email flow with your clients to get their feedback in autopilot.
Save time and never send a manual message again

feedback genius automated messages

Send feedback emails at the perfect moment

Feedback Genius integrates with couriers like UPS, FedEx or USPS to keep track on the tracking information.
The tool will just send the feedback request email when the order is delivered.

Real time reviews notification

Feedback Genius will notify you in real time once a review is placed, so you can reply to the customer. This works for product reviews and for seller account reviews.

AB Testing

You will be able to send 2 versions of the same email and track which one is performing better

Message analytics

Track email views, openings, click throughs, feedback received and unsubscriptions and take action on the results.

feedback genius analytics

8 events to trigger emails

Email work flow covers all the steps of the purchasing process: from order confirmation to refund notification, so you can assist your customers in every step of the way

feedback genius template text

10 filters to deliver your emails

Feedback Genius has as much as 10 different filters to granular send your messages

Blacklist buyers

Using this feature, you will no longer email and opt-out email customer

Prebuild email templates

Feedback Genius provides every customer with pre-designed email templates, each of them with an specific goal. And they are customizable as well.

feedback genius templates

Supports attachments and images

Improve the customer experience by attaching fro images to PDFs on every email


You can get a 30-day Free Trial, credit card needed.
It automatically expires with no engagement needed.

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The price varies on the plan you choose, and all of them have a $10 supplement for each available marketplace, except from the “Essentials” plan.


  • $0/month
  • 100 Emails/month
  • 1 marketplace


  • $20/month
  • 1,000 Emails/month
  • $10 for each available marketplace


  • $40/month
  • 3,000 Emails/month
  • $10 for each available marketplace


  • $80/month
  • 10,000 Emails/month
  • $10 for each available marketplace

High Volume

  • $250/month
  • 60,000 Emails/month
  • $10 for each available marketplace

Feedback Genius Review

Feedback Genius is great tool to get instant notifications about every new product review, so you can check them before going public, so you can focus on those negative reviews and take immediate action. Also, with this tool it is easier to respond quickly to your customers due to the instant notifications. You will never miss a feedback message again.

And, and foremost the greatest utility is that you can use positive reviews to improve your copywriting and reputation on Amazon, so you are one step nearer to win the Buy Box.

If you have a certain volume of sales and want to scale them, using a software like Feedback Genius is crucial. It is impossible to keep track of every message that has to be sent in every step of the purchasing process, so it's key to automate the process.

Using this tool, its templates and the analytics and performance provided by Feedback Genius, you will be able to get more reviews and grow your sales.

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