Zonmaster is a landing page builder for Amazon Sellers

With just a few clicks you can have a landing page for your product. You can add your Promo Codes and have them displayed to the user for use at the time of verification. Then, you can collect emails from people who come to your page.

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ZonMaster was founded in 2015 by a couple of people who wanted better support, at a better price, for their sales activities on Amazon.

Zonmaster Features

Multi marketplace support

They support every Amazon Market. With the subscription to EVERYZonMaster you can have 1 merchant account per region.

Review every order in detail

See who leaves you comments and for what orders. Get complete customer information and orders on all verified reviews. Stop sending emails to people who have reviewed

Advance programming

Schedule your emails with flexible criteria up to 120 days after delivery of the product.

Powerful template design

With a flexible email template creator, even a single template can boost your entire review process.

Monitoring FBM and FBA

Are you not using FBA? No problem. They can still track your packages for triggers based on delivery.

Virtual assistant accounts

Unlimited Reduced log on permissions for those who are helping you out.

Order Timeline

See all about an order – visually displayed

Flexible personalization

Customize your templates, allowing your emails to be specific to each customer's order.

International support

Covers America (USA, CA, MX), Europe and India with a single ZonMaster account

Multiple activation options

15 possible triggers, included in the review and comments of the seller.

Attached files

Do you need to give your users a product manual? Or some extra content? ZonMaster can send email attachments with any template.

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Mini plan $6.99 / month includes:

  • 500 emails and orders per month
  • All Basic Features
  • 90 Days Back Data

Mini with attachments plan $9.99 / month includes:

  • 500 emails and orders per month
  • All Basic Features
  • 90 Days Back Data
  • File attachments

Basic plan $9.99 / month includes:

  • 5,000 emails and orders per month
  • All Basic Features
  • 90 Days Back Data
  • 15 day free trial

Power plan $19.99 / month includes:

  • 15,000 emails and orders per month
  • All Basic Features
  • 6 months Back Data
  • File attachments
  • 15 day free trial

Zonmaster plan $29.99 / month includes:

  • 100,000 emails and orders per month
  • All Basic Features
  • File Attachments
  • Downloadable Customer Database
  • 1 Year Back Data
  • 15 day free trial

Zonmaster Review

This is one of the few landing page oriented softwares for Amazon Sellers. You can send a specific email template activated if the customer has left comments from the seller (as opposed to a product review) in an order!

If you wish to send an email based on positive feedback from the seller (4 or 5 stars), you must have given us the additional permissions necessary to access certain special reports from your Seller Central account. (This feature is also free for all ZonMaster customers).

We believe that we do not need to let you know, but here it goes: many of you want this trigger so that when someone leaves you positive feedback from the seller, you can send them an email asking them to leave a review of the product. The exciting thing you can do with ZonMaster is this: you can prevent these emails from being sent to people who have already left a review using our “Stop on review” setting.

How to Get Reviews on Amazon in 2021 (Fully Terms of Service Compliant!)

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