Ideoclick is an E-commerce services company focused on Amazon Advertising optimization.

Amazon expertise is this company’s forté. Ideoclick has some formidable clients. Its team can boast of the collective talent of two centuries of Amazon expertise. That’s excellent considering Amazon has been around for only a quarter of a century. That’s a lot of experience and that’s Ideoclick’s strength. Ideoclick also has AI-powered technology.  This helps clients optimize their business on Amazon.

The Ideoclick mission is to help brands to achieve great results in the Amazon space. This is another way of saying to achieve high sales. This leads to the growth of the client company. The Ideoclick team has the expertise to ensure top results in this area.

The truth is, learning how to navigate the Amazon marketplace can be difficult. It’s especially difficult for newcomers to Amazon and to the world of E-commerce. Ideoclick helps gives clients an edge and helps them to grow their businesses. It helps not only in marketing but in the execution of operations also.

It can assist clients in planning a long-term strategy for their business. It can also guide them in the execution of everyday operations. It’s greatest strength is its ability to assist clients in resolving any issues they may have in the Amazon marketplace. With this team in your corner, your company can succeed and grow.

Ideoclick features and services

Let’s examine some of the features of Ideoclick’s service, to give an idea of what this company can do for your business.

Managed Services

Ideoclick has an experienced team of E-commerce experts with Amazon expertise. They can help companies to plan goals for their business. They can also guide in the execution of operations. Their Amazon insight helps achieve success for the clients engaging their managed service.

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Advisory Services on Amazon

As mentioned, Ideoclick’s team has deep Amazon knowledge and expertise. So a seller stepping into the Amazon marketplace can do this much. They can request Ideoclick to appraise their situation. Ideoclick's advisors can give guidance about how to proceed in this unknown area. The Amazon marketplace is fraught with unknown difficulties and pitfalls. Especially for new sellers.

Amazon Analytics

Ideoclick can provide clients with analytical data. It can provide analytics on sales, inventories, and promotions. It can provide solutions to any E-commerce problems faced by its customers.

Content Strategy

Ideoclick has expert copywriters on the team. They can impact your sales for the better by writing your copy. They write content in a way that optimizes it for search engines. They can also optimize it for the customers making inquiries.


Ideoclick does not give any list of prices or pricing tiers on its website. It's an E-commerce service provider with Amazon expertise, run by former Amazonians. One presumes it's in a happy place where it doesn't need to display its price list to attract business. Its reputation goes before it. It's probable that if one wishes to discuss rates, one must contact the company and discuss the matter.

This is often the case with well-established businesses. It is not disclosed if a free trial is available. So anyone who wishes to try out this service will not be able to do so. At least not in a risk-free manner.


Apart from pricing, it’s also very difficult to find any kind of a report on Ideoclick’s performance.

The only feedback we’re getting online is of people who have worked for the company. Here, experience seems to be contradictory. Some employees have loved the company. Others have not. Some speak about the great work culture and open-minded leadership. Others say the complete opposite. One gets the impression that the workload is heavy and employees need to work hard.

One employee mentioned that the workload was heave.  So he was unable to give the clients the level of analysis that they needed. This contributor also said that you can work 70 hours per week and still feel behind in the workload. Yet another mentioned that the company is going through a phase of growth. So one can expect such problems. In time, things should settle down.

Ideoclick gives some statistics on its website. These are about how its services are being received. It claims an average growth of 73% for customers using its managed services. That’s quite a strong claim. About its marketing services? Ideoclick says that availing clients got an impact. An impact on the level of a 68% marketing return-on-investment (ROI) improvement. Again, an outstanding claim.

About third-party and strategy execution? The impact is reported as ‘100% near-instock status, with the extra claim of ‘no chargebacks’. Using Ideoclick’s content strategy results in a 42% increase in a client’s sales ranking. If this is true, it’s a great claim. But as these statistics are from Ideoclick and not an outside authority, we’ll have to take Ideoclick’s word for it.

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