Adspert is a PPC optimization tool that helps e-commerce companies to maximize profits on Amazon, Google and Bing through an AI-Based bidding algorithm.

More than 300 brands and agencies worldwide rely on the AI algorithm of the Berlin-based AdTech specialist to improve advertising performance and save time in their daily business.

It is a software that automates the optimization of campaigns through a very complete algorithm managed by a very advanced Artificial Intelligence system. It is the best way to be always on top of your campaigns but without spending hours and hours on them. Adspert takes care of everything without giving you the slightest headache so you can focus on other business tasks.

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Let's go in-depth into some of those features that make this tool stand out from other competitors. Some of them have already been mentioned in the introduction, but it is worth elaborating on them.

Adspert in 5 steps:

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As we indicated, Adspert does not stop at Google Ads and goes beyond. It is obviously a Google Partner, but it is also an Amazon Ads, Microsoft Ads and Yandex Partner, so that, in terms of commercial search engines, it complies with the whole spectrum of the most widely used in most of the world.

As for Amazon, we can say that what it does is to optimize bids based on the desired profit and not only on conversions. It is available on all the platform's international marketplaces for sellers and vendors that use sponsored products, sponsored brands or display.

By the way: if you sell on eBay, stay tuned because it will also be available soon.

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Simple integration

Adspert does not require complex integration processes. In fact, they have an intuitive system that allows you to do it in just one click.

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We especially like the tools that are accessible to non-technical profiles. This way the marketing department or manager is autonomous to implement them and saves time and/or resources.

Full automation

What you expect from an automatic software is that it works by itself with minimal intervention on your part. Adspert does this by managing keywords, optimizing campaigns and ad groups. In other words… at all necessary levels.

It also has different algorithms that facilitate the more strategic aspect, being able to set different target priorities that respond to different KPIs as we need at each moment at the business level. We can orient the optimization based on:

  • Daily cost
  • Cost per conversion
  • ACoS
  • ROAS

adspert smart bidding strategy

It is important that you know that all the actions taken by the software and the changes it applies are available for your consultation at any time, transparency is important.

Highly functional dashboard

As we said, the tool takes care of everything operational according to the parameters that we set, but obviously, we need to have data to be able to respond to the strategic needs of the campaigns.

adspert monitor

In this sense, they have worked on a control panel that is handled in an intuitive way to have real-time access to the data of our campaign. In this way, by simply viewing a report or activating a couple of filters, we can understand what needs to be corrected or what key aspects we need to promote.

Dedicated Client Success Team

Adspert's experts are all specialists in the fields of online marketing, Amazon, statistics and machine learning. Besides, An intelligent support system continuously provides the team with signals for further individual measures that can improve performance.


This is not an expensive tool. Depending on your level of investment, you can amortize any of its plans from the moment you start making more sales without increasing the amount of money you put into the different platforms.

In order to adjust to the needs of each business, Adspert has designed three different pricing plans.

Lite plan

This pricing tier is designed for those who invest less than 4,000 euros per month. For 99 euros per month, we have all the functionalities mentioned above.

Standard plan

For investments exceeding the 4,000 euros investment of the lite plan (no budget limit). Some fees are also applied in the form of a percentage of the investment.

Enterprise plan

A tailor-made plan designed for large investors.

You can try it free of charge for 30 days to evaluate in-depth if it is worth hiring it.

adspert free trial

Adspert reviews

It is a tool that has been very well valued by the users who have implemented it. In general, they highlight that it is very efficient and the results are noticeable in the short term.

Something interesting that they also emphasize is that both the software and the Adspert consultants have the sole interest of making our brand sell more, they are not an involved party as is the case with platform managers whose recommendations do not have, logically, that level of independence.

The truth is that the cases in which we have applied it have always had satisfactory results, so we openly recommend it. If you decide to use it, let us know what your experience has been.


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