Advigator聽is an Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) software for Amazon sellers to create and manage advertising campaigns on Amazon. Compared to other solutions, Advigator is much easier to use and automates most of the tasks that you previously did manually. In fact, Advigator is a software that takes work off your plate. It's so easy that you'll feel like you're missing something to do.

It's features can be summarized in 3 groups. Tools for Amazon PPC simplification, optimization and automation.

Introduction to Advigator - Amazon PPC Advertising Software

Amazon PPC simplification features

Easier campaign management

Rather than messing around with multiple individual campaigns, you can manage them all at the group level. This makes it simpler, as any changes you make will automatically apply to the sub-campaigns within the group.

Product grouping

Each group corresponds to a main product (Parent ASIN) and its variations. If you're dealing with a large number of products, don't worry; you have the option to adjust how they're grouped.

Simple Ad formats

Creating an ad campaign is as straightforward as ticking a box. Whether you want a Sponsored Product, Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brand or Sponsored Brand Video ad, just check the corresponding box and the campaign will be set up for that product, including all its variations.

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Easy budgeting

When you set a daily budget for a campaign group, that amount gets automatically distributed across all the sub-campaigns in that group. This eliminates the need to set individual budgets for each sub-campaign.

Unified targeting

With Advigator, you don鈥檛 have to juggle different keywords for different ad formats. You set your keywords and target products once, and they apply across all ad types鈥攖hough you can still adjust the bids per click for each.

Smart negative targeting

Say goodbye to manual elimination of irrelevant keywords. With Advigator, when you remove an irrelevant keyword, it鈥檚 automatically cleared across all your ad formats. This saves you time and ensures consistency in your campaigns.

UX friendly dashboard

Tracking your campaign progress couldn鈥檛 be easier. Advigator centralizes all your sponsored product information on a single page, giving you a quick snapshot of where you鈥檙e advertising and how effective it is.

Easy bulk changes

Managing multiple products? No problem. Advigator allows you to make bulk changes to dozens of products with just a few clicks, saving you both time and effort.

advigator product dashboard

Quick campaign activation

Creating and launching new campaigns for multiple products is a breeze. With Advigator, you can get your campaigns up and running in no time.

Negative exclusion features

You can easily input the same negative keyword across multiple products. Just search for the products by title, category, or brand, and add your negative keyword鈥攋ust like that!

Intelligent suggestions

Advigator doesn鈥檛 just manage your existing keywords; it helps you improve your campaigns. The software analyzes your data and suggests potentially irrelevant keywords that you might want to add as negatives.

Specialized Search Term features

Wondering which search terms are not yielding orders? Advigator helps you identify:

  • Search terms from Sponsored Products automatic campaigns that aren't generating sales
  • Single keywords often appearing in search queries that haven鈥檛 led to orders
  • Categories of competitor products that haven鈥檛 been converting

advigator targeting dashboard

Amazon PPC optimization features

Best practices

Advigator uses established industry techniques to maximize the impact of your budget, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.

Intelligent bidding

Bids are auto-calculated and updated in your campaigns. These calculations consider key metrics like your average selling price, conversion rates, and your desired Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS).

Smart keyword matching

Advigator avoids keyword overlap by utilizing exact phrases and broad matches.

Multi-format bidding

Each keyword receives an ideal bid for every available advertising format, making your campaigns even more effective

Intelligent budget management

Advigator smartly distributes your budget across various sub-campaigns for maximum impact.

Amazon PPC automation features

Advigator constantly analyzes your Amazon search terms report to identify new, relevant terms that could be beneficial for your campaigns. These terms are added as keywords in both exact phrase and broad match categories, based on their conversion rates and Click-Through Rates (CTR). This dynamic approach ensures that your set of keywords and product targets expands daily with incoming data, keeping your campaigns continually optimized and relevant.


Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Ad Console via WMS / Seller API


5% of Ad spend managed from campaigns created and managed by Advigator. No minimum threshold.

You will have 14-day free trial with all features enabled for unlimited accounts/products.


Advigator is an all-in-one tool when it comes to launch, optimize and scale your Amazon PPC campaigns. The main pros of the tool:

  • Friendly interface, a dashboard provides a unified view of all campaign details
  • Simplifies your campaign management with features such as group-level campaign management, automatic budget distribution, and unified targeting
  • Product grouping: Sellers can manage products by grouping them according to Parent ASIN and its variants
  • Bulk modifications: this solves a classic “pain in the ass” when it comes to apply any changes to your campaigns. Advigator offers functionalities to make bulk changes, a beneficial feature for sellers with a multitude of products
  • Specialized Search Term insights helps sellers pinpoint search terms and categories that aren鈥檛 resulting in sales

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