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AMZReimburse helps FBA Sellers get back reimbursements from Amazon for:
  • missing / damaged inventory
  • incorrectly handled returns
  • overcharged FBA fees
  • or FBA shipments not received
Works in 3 easy steps:
  1. Signup and connect your Amazon FBA Account
  2. AMZReimburse scans your account looking for reimbursements. They will contact Amazon on your behalf
  3. Successful reimbursements will show up in your account

AMZReimburse will only charge you for the successful reimbursements

And, btw, it’s 100% compliant with Amazon Terms of Service.

AMZReimburse Features

The tool scans and detects 20 types of FBA reimbursements:

  1. Items destroyed by Amazon
  2. Deduction from inventory after shipment closed
  3. Customer refunded more than originally paid
  4. Per Amazon’s policy, refund was approved past the normal approval window
  5. Amazon improperly received or miscounted items from inbound shipments in past 9 months
  6. Amazon or carrier damaged inbound shipments in transit, and it has been at least 30 days
  7. Orders for which the weight fee or dimensional fee has been overcharged
  8. Orders for which the commission fee has been overcharged
  9. Inventory lost at Amazon warehouse and it has been over 30 days
  10. Inventory damaged at Amazon warehouse and it has been over 30 days
  11. Replacement sent to customer and original never sent back after 45 days
  12. Return has not been properly reimbursed
  13. Amazon reported to have placed an item back into your inventory but it has not been replaced
  14. Stock deducted after shipment was closed
  15. Wrong item returned and scanned to your inventory
  16. Amazon issued a chargeback but didn’t reimburse you
  17. Amazon or carrier damaged a return
  18. Removal order inventory not received
  19. Amazon reimbursed you for less quantity than you were supposed to get reimbursed for
  20. Amazon did not reimburse the total amount it should of reimbursed based on the value of item


15% of the total amount recovered (charged monthly)

AMZ Reimbursement review

This tool is pretty impressive considering it’s just charging you 15% of the successful reimbursements.

A few weeks ago we were talking about FBA reimbursements and how they can sabotage your seller account and your margin.

Well, good news, AMZReimbursement is here to help you get your money back and, what’s more important, automatize the process, so you won’t worry about anything. So, with just a few clicks, you can start getting those dollars back from Amazon and increase your profit in no time.

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