aShop is a new project build by the friends at Skylup.

Basically it’s an affiliate website build specifically for Amazon Sellers.

We use term ‘microsite’ to highlight that it’s primary a marketing tool, that looks like your own store

So what’s the difference between aShop compared to Shopify or WordPress?

They have a limit on amount of personalization or customization you can do.

Yet, they provide no hassle setup and with a template that is know to convert well (they’ve been heavily testing, monitoring and A/B testing). Easy, but powerful.

ashop affiliate storeAshop.

aShop features

100% Amazon Associate TOS compilant

So you barely need to think about it. They give out all the warnings regarding price, affiliate with program, update all the products in background, or even vet your domain name for you

They manage the microsites

Do all the maintenance, SEO and performance optimizations (it’s insanely fast by the way).

Free marketing tools inside

Google Analytics and Google Product Feeds.

Help enrolling Amazon Associates

They’ll help you gradually enroll into Amazon Associate program, once you decide to do it. (and you want to do it, because you’ll get 50% amazon fee’s back from every order)

Prebuild and tested template

They’re giving you a template that on average has a ~13%  conversion rate

Sending out to your subscriber list

They’ve been heavily testing conversion rates with existing newsletters that they and some of our customers have.

This proved to be especially efficient in case of holiday sales, handling your own shipments in last days of holiday season is a tricky thing (postage will probably not make it and you’ll have an angry customer). Yet, using microsite and delivering through FBA — works amazingly. Especially if you carefully nudge your subscribers about it.

Social network campaign

They’ve ran ads on facebook and had huge success for one of their brands. They dynamically manage ads on FB through Google Product Feeds (If product is out of stock, then ad will be disabled).

They managed to have good conversion through those ads, recoup 50% of amazon fees on each sale and re-target some of the visitors again through google ads.

One of the brands that was almost dead on Amazon, managed to organically pick up in sales just with this method. They already tried Amazon PPC previously with little success.


For the moment it’s forever free so run you fools!

Our score

  • Number of features
  • Pricing
  • Learning curve
  • User friendly

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