What is an Amazon repricer?

The most important Amazon SEO ranking factor is, nowadays, the price. So if you want to win the Buy Box, you need an Amazon repricer. If you have ever dealt with repricing, you will know that it is absolutely impossible to do it manually, specially if Amazon is competing against you. For the best performance of repricing the products of your business, you need the full data of who are you going to be compete against, and that is where a a repricer for Amazon can be helpful. An automatic Amazon repricing tool will help you stablish your pricing changes in real time so you can win the Buy Box easier, and also it will help you keep track of your price changes overtime.

Why do you need in a repricer?

When dealing with an Amazon repricing software, you want to:
  • - monitor your listings 24/7
  • - monitor competitors' prices
  • - find repricing oportunities
  • - automatize your pricing changes
  • - stablish a profit margin
  • - stablish your maximum and minimum pricing
  • - stablish if you always wnat to be the cheapest or if you have a pricing threshold
  • - measure your global performance
And if you are an FBA seller, of course you will need an FBA repricer to help you against you competition and win the buy box.