is a complete repricing suite that will help you get the Buy Box by repricing your ASINs in ever Amazon region available and it will be soon be available on Walmart and eBay too.

Nowadays, the tool is repricing more than 680.000 products so, as you can see, it’s pretty big.

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Super fast start

If you have ever used a repricer, you will know that it’s pretty complicated to match your Amazon account and setup the it up using the proper strategy. has one of the most friendly interfaces ever. You simply:

  1. Choose the marketplace
  2. Set up if the system can create autorules to set the minimum and maximum pricing or choose the test mode
  3. Login to the Amazon Marketplace Web Service and copy paste the Developer’s Name and account number

And you’re good to go

Multichannel management

As I commented right at the beggining of the review, you can set up any Amazon marketplace on just one account and EVERY marketplace is included in EVERY monthly plan. That’s great because some repricers would charge you depending on how many Amazon marketplaces you want to use the tool. stores

Of course, you can set separated strategies on every marketplace. listings

Pre-build strategies has 4 pre-build repricing strategies:

  1. Compete with all sellers and match price with the lowest competitor
  2. Compete with all sellers and beat the lowest price by 1 cent or 1%
  3. Compete with all sellers and beat the lowest price by 1%
  4. Complete only with the Buy Box elegible and beat it by 1 cent or 1% rules

But you can use or you can fully customize yours step by step setting up:

  • The strategy name
  • If you want to win the Buy Box or set your own rules
  • Compete agains sellers using Amazon (Retail / Vendor), FBA, FBM or certain sellers and choose if you want to beat them by cents or a % of the pricing
  • Choose if you want to match the item condition
  • Include or exclude sellers by rating or feedback count (you can even choose certain seller IDs)
  • Choose what will be the action depending on the scenario:
    • If there is no competition
    • If competition is below your minimum
    • If competition is matches your minimum
    • If you are the Buy Box winner
  • You can upload several listings pricings using a CSV create rules

Test mode

Not sure about your strategy? you can always try it in test mode. The strategy will work normal but without changing the prices.

API connection

Do you need to read the prices on your ecommerce and to reprice themthem? Do you need it to just read the prices so you can apply higher or lower prices on Amazon?

No worries. You can do that using it’s API.


Last but not least, you have a complete reporting where you can monitor your listings:

  • how many of them need changes on the pricing
  • how many are on the lowest price
  • won Buy Boxes
  • how many listings are elegible for the Buy Box
  • how many listings are elegible but don’t have the Buy Box
  • how many listings are not elegible for the Buy Box
  • Orders and Sales evolution
  • Etc reports

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There are 4 available plans:

Lite: forever free

  • 1 marketplace
  • 50 active listings
  • Continuous Repricing
  • Win BuyBox strategy
  • Custom strategies
  • 24×7 Support

Starter plan: $14.95/month

  • Unlimited marketplaces
  • 500 active listings
  • Continuous Repricing
  • Win BuyBox strategy
  • Custom strategies
  • 24×7 Support

Professional plan: $29.95/month

  • Unlimited marketplaces
  • 5.000 active listings
  • Continuous Repricing
  • Win BuyBox strategy
  • Custom strategies
  • 24×7 Support

Business plan: $49.95/month

  • Unlimited marketplaces
  • 10.000 active listings
  • Continuous Repricing
  • Win BuyBox strategy
  • Custom strategies
  • 24×7 Support


A repricer will always be a repricer, so what you can expect for it is that it allows you to reprice you products using certain strategies accross every Amazon Marketplace.

That being said, is the cheapest and most complete repriced I’ve crossed paths with so far. I mean, take a look at the pricing, for just $49.95 a month you can have 10.000 products repriced on: Amazon USA, Canada, Australia, UK, UAE, India, Germany, France, Italy

I’ve just compared pricings for the same tier and features on 3 competitors and the lowest one is $99 a month and the more expensive is $199. That’s crazy. This guys are offering hell of a tool for $49.95 and it the same features or more than the direct competitors. I would definitely stick to if I was you.

Our score

  • Number of features
  • Pricing
  • Learning curve
  • User friendly

Alternatives to

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