Eva is an AI-powered tool conceived to boost income and optimize results for Private Labels and Resellers on Amazon.

Not just that, it's also a rewarded tool. In 2022, Eva was recognized as one of the top 10 Advanced Advertising Partners in the world, generating $2B+ in sales & optimizing hundreds of millions in ad spend. Keep on reading below to understand why 1000s of clients rely on Eva & how they can help your business become even more successful on Amazon.

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Eva Features

The Eva platform has a variety of easy-to-use, user-friendly tools that enable you to maximize  revenue & stay ahead of your competition on Amazon. As usual, let's break them down:

Accurate Sales & Profit Analytics

eva Accurate Sales & Profit Analytics

Before you start you maximize profits, you must understand accurately what your profits are. Eva analytics helps you accurately understand from the store level, product level & daily sales level and product level what your profits are.

eva asin detail profit

Whether you're managing one store or multiple stores, Eva analytics makes it super easy. You’re able to look into daily sales data & see your profits daily – you cannot see this on Amazon or Helium 10 or any other software. You can see your advertising costs daily & other expenses daily unlike Amazon, Eva has real-time data where you can even see orders from the last hour.

eva profits

Pricing & Promotion Management

Static prices on Amazon are a thing of the past. Prices change nearly every single second of the day.

Eva has the fastest pricing management tool on the market that utilizes dynamic pricing to find the correct selling price of your product & increase the profitability of your product.

eva Pricing & Promotion Management

Pricing decisions are based on the demand, trends, category, seasonality & inventory levels of your products.

Just like the stock exchange, if the demand increases, the price increases. If the demand decreases, the price decreases. If the inventory is running out, the price goes up. And you can easily schedule & manage promotions within Eva utilizing strikethrough pricing.

eva Pricing & Promotion Management m2

Combining pricing & promotion management allows you to increase conversions & revenue from your listings on Amazon.

Advertising Management

Advertising is the #1 problem for brands selling on Amazon. Amazon is a pay-per-play platform, meaning people pay to play the game. If you don’t pay, you don’t play.

Advertising by Eva is a service provided by Eva but the analytics of their platform provide inventory-aware & price-aware advertising.

eva Advertising Management
You’ll quickly be able to segment your campaigns by portfolio, campaign, ad group, product or KPI. And their advertising reporting is AMAZING!
You can download daily reports to see breakdowns & attributions for your advertising campaigns that are not available on Amazon.

eva reports

You'll get a breakdown of advertising sales by campaign type, organic sales & which other products shoppers purchased as a result of clicking on your ads! This way you can improve the ad spend & conversion rates of your advertising campaigns!

Or, if you want to let experts do it for you, you can sign up for their Amazon PPC Essentials Package starting at $499/M for up to 10 Parent ASINs.

Inventory Management

Eva makes managing your inventory simple & easy.

eva Inventory Management

In order to know how much inventory you need on hand, you must understand your sales velocity & number of inventory days you have on hand.

With the replenishment tool by Eva, you can easily run simulations based on user-defined replenishment settings days & generate the total cost required. Alternatively, you can enter a dollar amount & Eva will tell you the most profitable replenishment scenarios.

eva Inventory Management 2

Simply export the report & send it off to your supplier or manufacturer to send more products to Amazon.

Within the Inventory Management dashboard, you will see all of your products inventory age and you can easily filter products that have long-term storage fees. Using Eva, you easily liquidate, sell & move on or file a removal request to prevent extra costs.

Returns Management

Eva offers the most cost-effective returns service in the US.

Their returns management process includes evaluation, inspection, reconditioning, reverse logistics & disposal or donation.

eva Returns Management

Simply register Eva as your returns center in the US & let them handle the rest for you! They’re normally able to recover 70% of returns for resale on Amazon, meaning your can expect to add 1-2% of monthly revenue from returns.


eva reimbursements

Eva recovers reimbursements for more than 2,000 customers on Amazon, resolving 20% more cases than other providers at a 50% cheaper rate.
They use automated document creation to speed up the claims process & cover over 30+ category types.

Eva platform subscribers reap the rewards of a 13% recovery rate, while sellers without a subscription enjoy a 16% recovery rate. Agencies that sign up using my special promo code will receive a 10% recovery rate for reimbursements.

And fear not, Eva has a very trusted relationship with Amazon & can be used as a primary or secondary harvest.

What’s not to love about paying less money?

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Last but not least, Eva also integrates with Shopify & Walmart.

You can easily set up price synchronization with Walmart & Shopify to prevent buy box suppression and increase profits on multiple channels.

Synchronization takes only a minute or two and is simple as 1-2-3.


Eva is an awesome all-in-one and AI-powered tool that offers a suite of features to help Amazon Private Labels and Resellers optimize their results on Amazon. With its user-friendly tools, Eva helps users maximize revenue, stay ahead of competition, and achieve better outcomes for their business.


  • Accurate Sales and Profit Analytics: Eva provides real-time sales data and allows users to see their profits at the store, product, and daily sales levels.
  • Pricing and Promotion Management: Eva's dynamic pricing tool enables users to find the optimal selling price for their products based on demand, trends, category, and inventory levels.
  • Advertising Management: Eva provides inventory-aware and price-aware advertising and generates daily reports to improve ad spend and conversion rates.
  • Inventory Management: Eva makes it easy to manage inventory by providing a replenishment tool, inventory age dashboard, and liquidation features.
  • Returns Management: Eva offers a cost-effective returns management service that can recover 70% of returns for resale on Amazon.
  • Reimbursements: Eva offers a reimbursement recovery service that resolves more cases than other providers at a 50% cheaper rate.
  • Integrations: Eva integrates with Shopify and Walmart to increase profits on multiple channels.


  • Honestly, I haven't found any cons!

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