Feedvisor is an Amazon repricer that does help with the algorythm repricer analyzes giving you a full 24/7 landscape of your competitors. While setting your profits goals, their algorythm would work to give you a pretty close bias approach to analyze markets, sellers performances, competitors and prospect targets, all while giving you a maximization of your overall profits.

You would be able to keep up with the changes your competitors are making in order to never lose the game of your Amazon business.

Feedvisor Features

Feedvisor offers two types of products:

  • Amazon Repricer: helps you get more Buy Box share with the most competitive prices by taking into account all the variable and data points in real time to maximize your Buy Box.
  • Revenue Intelligence: the revenue intelligence feature will help you take decisions to win the buy box


You do have three different plans for each of the products:

  • Pro: the price depends on your needs, it only allows 1 user and is thought to be used by small to mid-size sellers.
  • Premium: the price depends on your needs, it allows 2 users.
  • Enterprise: the price depends on the needs of your company. It does have an unlimited number of users.


Their trials are not for free and do require the commitment of settling to one of the products after, Amazon Repricer or Revenue Intelligence.

Feedvisor Review

With the features of algorithmic repricing, revenue intelligence and reports, they do compromise with quite a level of customer success, even though they do not offer pretty much online support once you have bought the product.

Even that, they do offer help resources such as: blog, ebooks, videos and webinars, so you may want to kind of self-educate yourself on this tool.

Our score

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