If you’re selling on Amazon, you need an Amazon analytics tool so you can keep track of all your information on just one place/platform, and transform it into a report that may makes sense.

Amazon seller analytics tools help sellers on the Amazon marketplace track and analyze key performance metrics related to their business: revenue, fees, advertising costs, reimbursements, FBA storage fees, long term storage fees… so they can easily find their profit per order and SKU.

Some common features of Amazon seller analytics tools include:

– Sales data: sales history, units sold, total revenue, average order price, organic sales, ppc sales, ACoS, TACoS… Basically, a complete Profit & Loss real time dashboard
– Customer data: customer demographics, purchasing behavior, feedback, repeating customers, life time value, customer acquisition cost…
Competitor analysis: your data vs your competing ASINs data and your niche’s data, so you can understand your market position and identify opportunities

Amazon seller analytics tools can be a valuable resource for sellers looking to optimize their sales and grow their business on the Amazon marketplace.