Category: Amazon Analytics

If you’re selling on Amazon, you need an Amazon analytics tool so you can keep track of all your information on just one place/platform, and transform it into a report that may makes sense.

Not just to know where you are regarding your sales, ACOS or global investment, but to take action to improve your global performance, as well as to achieve your setting goals. Amazon Analytics tools are a perfect way to make your decisions easier, and with a data base for them. Amazon data analytics allows sellers to get their retail data plus the Amazon predictive analytics and centralize that info so they can see the big picture and take actionable decisions.

Which features can you find in an Amazon Analytics tool?

Analytics tools are available for Amazon Sellers, Amazon FBA and Vendors and can help you:
  • - Track your profit in real time
  • - Check you PPC revenue
  • - Check your Amazon organic revenue
  • - Evaluate costs:
    • -- > VAT
    • -- > FBA fees
    • -- > Amazon fees
    • -- > PPC costs
    • -- > promo values
    • -- > shipping costs
    • -- > cost of goods
    • -- > margins
    • -- > refunds
    • -- > reimbursements
    • -- > lost and damaged inventory
    • -- > etc
  • - Track your keyword rankings
  • - keyword sales
  • - sales per SKU
  • - and more
Long story short: if you want to stay ahead of your competition, you need an Amazon analytics software