AMZ.One is an all in one tool for Amazon Sellers designed to optimize your sales.

This all in one includes more than 15 applications that share the same philosophy and a very similar interface. This is always an advantage because it will be much easier to learn how each one works from the moment in which we control the first of them, the learning curve will be less with the rest.

In addition, although we said that they work independently, the truth is that the tools are complementary, so that the data extracted from one can be used to extract performance and debug the strategy with another tool.

The idea is to achieve a comprehensive solution that covers all areas needed to succeed on Amazon: Ranking Tracking and sales, search for new products, organic positioning analysis, reviews, security…


As we usually do in this type of all in one solutions we are going to reel off each one of the main tools of the suite independently.

Keyword Rank Tracking

As its name suggests, it is used to keep track of the keywords for which a product is relevant.

We simply have to select an ASIN from our watchlist and enter the keywords. We will immediately have the current result that they occupy in the Amazon search engine and a history to check their evolution. Vital to evaluate how SEO is working.

Amazon Keyword Rank Tracking

Sales tracking

Thanks to this tool, allows us to generate a list of competitors' products and their daily evolution.

Just add them to a list and you will get a bar graph showing the amount of products sold and their stocks. You can also check the daily sales and the estimated revenue.

Amazon Product Finder

Another jewel of the crown is the tool that allows us to find ideal products to sell. What really adds value is that it gives us all the information needed to do it with guarantees.

Provides data such as sales history, number of competitors or sales projections and benefit. Oh, and also Alibaba’s suppliers for every product!


With a powerful filter system we can find what we are looking for discriminating by ranking of competitors, product price or quantity of reviews. All this in a very simple way.

One Page Analyzer

As you know, listing elements need to be improved so we can drive more visibility in A9’s search algorithm.

The One Page Analyzer is used so that your listings look like a charm. Simply enter the URLS or ASINs of the products you are interested in to check and, in a fast, simple and very visual way, you will see where you are failing and how you should act. Titles, descriptions, images, reviews … everything that influences search performance.

Negative Review Notifications

Bad reviews on Amazon are a problem that can be very serious and directly affect your rankings, performance and conversions. This tool notifies us in real time when any negative reviews come in. This gives us the possibility to act quickly to reverse it so that it does not reach or penalizes us.

Advanced Super URL SEO Tool

This is much more than a URL shortener (which it is, btw). Among other things it

allows us to generate a super URL that contains certain parameters such as

keywords or the ASIN that “simulate” the url generated by the search engine.

amzone 2

Email notification

Configure and receive reports comfortably in your email address without entering the Amazon Seller Central platform constantly. In a couple of clicks you have ready so that, with the periodicity that you decide.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is always one of the most labor-intensive aspects and delicate.

Getting the best keywords in terms of competition and volume of monthly searches, represents an advantage when optimizing our advertising campaigns and working on our listings.

Thanks to things are quite simplified. You can enter some words and, from them, generates a list of associated or related terms. Also, if you prefer, you can do a reverse search starting from the ASIN of the products.

Hijacking Listing

Thanks to this application we can avoid listing hijacking by having a complete history of each product and a real time alert system once anything changes on our listings.

Product Alerts

Here’s how to set any type of alert you’re thinking of on your ASINs (monitoring and notification):

  • Availability
  • BSR change
  • Buy Box
  • Category change
  • Description
  • Bullet points
  • Hijackers
  • Images
  • Important information
  • Pricing
  • Reviews
  • Suppression
  • Title
sr banner


There are 4 types of payment plans that differ, essentially, by the number of items (reports, sales, keywords, products …).

Basic: $40 $20 / month, includes:

  • Keywords: 100
  • Competitor Sales Tracking: 20
  • Negative Review Tracking: 20
  • Hijack Listing: 10
  • Product Alerts: 10
  • Product Alerts Frequency: Min. 12 hrs
  • Products: UNLIMITED
  • Keyword Research: UNLIMITED
  • Product Promotions: 5 Products
  • Promotion Boost: not included
  • Number of Promo Codes: UNLIMITED
  • Email Reports: UNLIMITED
  • Best Seller Ranking: included
  • On Page Analyzer: included
  • Amazon Super URLs: included
  • Amazon Super URL Types: Super URL Only
  • Multi-User Login: not included

Standard: $90 $40/month, includes:

  • Keywords: 500
  • Competitor Sales Tracking: 50
  • Negative Review Tracking: 50
  • Hijack Listing: 40
  • Product Alerts: 50
  • Product Alerts Frequency: Min. 6 hrs
  • Products: UNLIMITED
  • Keyword Research: UNLIMITED
  • Product Promotions: 15 Products
  • Promotion Boost: included
  • Number of Promo Codes: UNLIMITED
  • Email Reports: UNLIMITED
  • Best Seller Ranking: included
  • On Page Analyzer: included
  • Amazon Super URLs: included
  • Amazon Super URL Types: all types
  • Multi-User Login: not included

Advanced: $180 $90/month, includes:

  • Keywords: 1.500
  • Competitor Sales Tracking: 100
  • Negative Review Tracking: 100
  • Hijack Listing: 100
  • Product Alerts: 200
  • Product Alerts Frequency: Min. 1 hrs
  • Products: UNLIMITED
  • Keyword Research: UNLIMITED
  • Product Promotions: UNLIMITED
  • Promotion Boost: included
  • Number of Promo Codes: UNLIMITED
  • Email Reports: UNLIMITED
  • Best Seller Ranking: included
  • On Page Analyzer: included
  • Amazon Super URLs: included
  • Amazon Super URL Types: all types
  • Multi-User Login: included

It does not have a demo as such, but there is a free plan limited to 1 keyword, the follow-up of 1 product, 1 product alert and a negative review notification. reviews

There are several Amazon tool suites on the market and most are quite interesting. What makes AMZ.One special is surely how competitive it is in terms of results and quality price.

It’s different tools work very well, they are advanced and complete but you don't have to put a huge budget on them. Also the plans are well balanced and this means that we can upgrade just when we need more features.

A very good suite that we recommend to most sellers on Amazon.

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