Kibly is an easy to set up review and feedback manager.

With Kibly you will collect 5 times more opinions, comments and sales using its innovative tools, you can make any configuration in 3 minutes and you will have 100% “No-Touch” automated.

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Kibly certainly automates the happiness of the Amazon customer and with happy customers, you can surely expect more. It is no secret to anyone that in e-commerce, most of the benefit is achieved in the backend. For this reason, Kibly is developed as a Backend Review, comments and sales generator, which will be the “Engine” for your Amazon business.

Kibly features

Follow-up with direct mail

You can use SendPost to follow up automatically with your client using a beautifully designed and totally personalized postcard, delivered directly to your door.

Achieve a more lasting connection

Since you make your Amazon customers a long-term asset for your business. With this tool you will be allowed to serve ads from your previous clients for their Amazon products on social media platforms such as FaceBook and Instagram.

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Launching products the easiest way

Kibly is a 100% hands-free automation software so you can autopilot your product launchings.


You will be able to send friendly and personalized updates so that customers know exactly what is happening with their order before they have the opportunity to ask.

Optimum delivery

When your order arrives, this app will notify your customers and make sure they can contact you in case there is a problem.

Follow up

It will allow you to offer your customers more value than ever. You will generate more reviews, more sales and more money in your pocket.


Each customer can place orders from his store again and again and whenever he wants.


Kibly has 6 different plans for the different product features:


Price Range: $0.50-$1.00/postcard


Price Range: $0.08-$0.16/record


Price Range: $0.08-0.50/email


Price Range: FREE w/account


Price Range: $1/tracked product/month


Price Range: FREE w/account


It has a free trial with credit card required

Kibly review

The Kibly templates are 100% plug-and-play and don´t need a customization since each one is customized with dynamic “short codes” for each order and it has been proven that they work like crazy even for 7-digit Amazon companies.

Once you connect your Amazon account to Kibly, it only remains to schedule your emails. You can use the “1-click programmer” to immediately implement the pre-loaded and customized templates along with our proven tracking time.

The 14 dynamic “short codes” will allow you to customize each email that is sent and everything will be automatically. You can use short codes for your client's name, the product review link, the customer service link, the package tracking link, among other things.

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