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Merchantwords is an Amazon Keyword Research Tool so useful to rank your products at the top positions of Amazon’ searching results. With the help of this advance tool you will find the right buyers for your products, making it possible to sell more just by adapting your strategy of keywords.

Your prospect target usually keeps using the same keywords to find their products, and there is where you do need to get a step further and learn what your competence is ranking for.

Keep collecting information for specific keyword phrases, and your spot trends will make your products thrive over new opportunities of business.

Merchant words data includes:

  • 1.6 billion keywords collected
  • 400 million of products analyzed
  • 11 Amazon Marketplaces
  • 1 year history for US products

Merchantwords Features

Merchantwords has a wide-range of features in order to help you boost your product visibility, discover new opportunities and uncover buyer demand. The 6 features are:


A reverse ASIN tool including top ranking keywords for your competition, along with supply data directly from Amazon.

Classic Search

The classic Merchant Words data incuding:

  • search volume
  • seasonality
  • long tail and short tail keywords from the Amazon search bar


Keyword lists to group your searches.

Keyword History Analysis Panel

Merchant Words historic data goes back as long as a year just for US keywords, what you’ll get is:

  • sales history
  • trends
  • supply and demand metrics

Keyword Multiplier

A tool to generate related, complementary, and synonymous keywords.

Page 1

The first page results directly from the Amazon categories so you can find great opportunities. You’ll get:

  • pricing
  • reviews
  • ratings

Listing optimization

This is a separated service not included in the monthly fee, starting at $300 for a single parent ASIN listing optimization.


There is no free trial anymore


The plans of Merchantwords give you unlimited searches and CSV downloads, and keyword research planner from all countries the tool covers:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Global price tier

$60/month to use Merchant Words features globally (that includes the marketplaces listed above)

USA price tier

$30/month to use Merchant Words just for the US market

Merchantwords Review

One of the great wonders of the Merchanwords Amazon Keyword Research Tool is how easy it is to use, as well as how many markets does it covers. Their results are so accurate and the analysis they do made are extensive, by collecting billions of keywords that could be easily used on your products selling.

And, lastly, one of the most useful features Merchantwords offers is the fact that you can download unlimited CSV files, so you can mix their information with the one from other tools you may be using.

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Video review

Using MerchantWords to Generate Ideas

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