MerchantWords is an Amazon keyword research tool ideal to rank your products at the top positions of Amazon’s search results combining in deep keyword / product research and heavy data analysis.

With the help of this advanced tool, you will find the right buyers for your products, making it possible to sell more just by adjusting your keyword strategy.

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MerchantWords data includes:

  • +6B keywords collected
  • 200+ million of products analyzed
  • 11 Amazon Marketplaces
  • 1-year search volume history for all 11 Amazon marketplaces


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MerchantWords Features

MerchantWords has a wide range of features, as usual, let's break them down

Market Insights

Market Insights is a free report that will help you better understand the Amazon landscape on your niche. It will help you figure out how to beat your competition, improve your sales and expand your market share.

merchantwords market insights

Digital Shelf

Digital Shelf provides you an in-depth analysis of your situation within Amazon in free easy-to-read reports. With them, you can uncover new and unused keywords to boost your SEO and PPC strategies, get comprehensive data about your products vs your competitors’, and find out about your overall search rank and total share of search.

With this tool, you will be able to optimize your listings, build better and more efficient Amazon PPC campaigns and uncover new product and bundling opportunities.

merchantwords digital shelf


A reverse ASIN tool including top-ranking keywords for your competition, along with supply data directly from Amazon.

Classic Search

MerchantWords’ original Amazon keyword tool, that includes:

  • Monthly Amazon data
  • Search volume
  • Keyword trends
  • Seasonality
  • Long tail and short tail keywords from the Amazon search bar
  • 1-year search history
  • 200 million keywords

merchantwords organic keywords performance insights


Allows Amazon Sellers to create and store keyword lists for easy access and organization, making it simple to track and manage keywords for different products or campaigns. You can export those keywords later for listing optimization using PowerListing, MerchatWords' AI listing creator / optimizer-

Emerging Trends

With Emerging Trends, you can get to know all the new search terms before your competition. This way, you will be able to find out about new product niches and trends by category or phrase, and be the first to sell online the latest trending stuff in up to 11 countries. You won’t miss any opportunity.

merchantwords keywords trends

Keyword Explorer

MerchantWords’ historic data view table shows:

  • A year of search and trend history for keywords for all marketplaces
  • Sales history for the US and UK marketplaces
  • Supply and demand metrics for the US and UK marketplaces

Keyword Multiplier

Provides keywords to expand the reach of product listings: related, complementary and synonymous keywords.

Page 1 Products

The first page results directly from the Amazon categories so you can find great opportunities. You will get:

  • Pricing
  • Reviews
  • Ratings

merchantwords organic keywords search volume

Listing Advisor

MerchantWords’ Listing Advisor is a separate service not included in the monthly fee, starting at $649 for a single parent ASIN listing optimization. This service will provide you all the information you need to know in order to optimize your listings for better results.

This service is available for Amazon sellers, and there is an Enterprise special discount pricing available if you have more than 25 listings.

Data Advisor

Data Advisor is a custom data analysis service carried out by MerchantWords Data Specialists which provides agencies, brands, manufacturers, investors and enterprise retailers detailed information about their business.

It’s available for a wide range of marketplaces, including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy and others, and its pricing is built upon every business’ requirements.

This service includes:

  • Opportunity analysis
  • Trend forecasting
  • Top searched keywords by seed, category or ASIN
  • Competitor analysis
  • ASIN review
  • Brand review
  • ASIN, keyword and price tracking

Keyword Advisor

Keyword Advisor is another MerchantWords service not included in any of its monthly fees. It is available for Amazon US and UK sellers and it starts at $159 per keyword report.

Keyword Advisor is one of the best ways to get quick and useful information about interesting keywords. The tool researches and delivers up to 10.000 Amazon keywords relevant to your products in 3 days or less, and they are chosen based on your competitors, product category, product details and audience.

To top it all off, every single Keyword Advisor report is reviewed by a MerchantWords’ Amazon SEO expert before it is delivered to your inbox.

Power Listing

Not included on the pricing. Uses AI-powered listing optimization to improve the visibility and performance of product listings.


Connect to MerchantWords' data via API, opening up possibilities for custom data integration and advanced analysis.

Amazon Business growth services

A complementary service by MerchantWords. Offers a suite of services to help businesses grow their sales on Amazon, with expert guidings and strategies.

MerchantWords Pricing

Silver plan: $35/month

It includes:

  • Amazon Data: 1 Marketplace
  • Single user: 1
  • Keyword collections: up to 10
  • Monthly searches: 500
  • CSV Downloads: 500
  • Digital Shelf: 5 reports
  • Sales and Revenue Estimates: included
  • Bulk Search: included
  • Classic Search: included
  • Keyword Explorer: included
  • ASIN Plus: included
  • Page 1 Products: included

Gold plan: $79/month

It includes:

  • Amazon Data: regional, choose between:
    • North America: USA, Canada and Mexico
    • Europe: Spain, Italy, Germany, UK and France
    • Asia: Australia, Japan and India
  • Single user: 1
  • Keyword collections: up to 100
  • Monthly searches: 1.000
  • CSV Downloads: 2,000
  • Market Insights: 100
  • Digital Shelf: 50 reports
  • Sales and Revenue Estimates: included
  • Bulk Search: included
  • Classic Search: included
  • Keyword Explorer: included
  • Keyword collections: 100
  • ASIN Plus: included
  • Page 1 Products: included
  • Keyword Multiplier: included
  • Emerging trends: included

Platinum plan: $149/month

It includes:

  • Amazon Data: global
  • Multiple users: 3
  • Keyword collections: up to 1.000
  • Monthly searches: Unlimited
  • CSV Downloads: 5,000
  • Market Insights: 10,000
  • Digital Shelf reports: 500
  • Sales and Revenue Estimates: included
  • Bulk Search: included
  • Classic Search: included
  • Keyword Explorer: included
  • Keyword collections: 1,000
  • ASIN Plus: included
  • Page 1 Products: included
  • Keyword Multiplier: included
  • Emerging trends: included

Enterprise plan: $749/month

It includes:

  • Amazon Data: global
  • Multiple users: 20
  • Keyword collections: up to 10.000
  • Monthly searches: Unlimited
  • CSV Downloads: 10,000
  • Market Insights: 100,000
  • Digital Shelf reports: 10.000
  • Keyword collections: 10,000
  • Sales and Revenue Estimates: included
  • Bulk Search: included
  • Classic Search: included
  • Keyword Explorer: included
  • ASIN Plus: included
  • Page 1 Products: included
  • Keyword Multiplier: included
  • Emerging trends: included

MerchantWords Reviews

My first review was from back in 2018, so there are a ton of new features and, especially different pricing tiers. A lot has changed, but MerchantWords is still an essential Amazon keyword research tool including billions of keywords on the tool's index and displaying a level of depth on data without competition.

To me, the key data points in MerchantWords are:

  • Over 6 billion keywords gathered
  • Analysis of more than 200 million products
  • Covers the main 11 Amazon Marketplaces (this has been 11 since 2018, so it hasn't changed including new countries, which is also a con, tbh)
  • Historical search volume data for a year

Another key aspect is the brilliant UX and how easy it is to use. Also, the amount of data you can get both using the tool or their API, as discussed, has no competitor in the market. Last but not least, another con: it used to offer unlimited download of CSV files, which is limited now.

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MerchantWords Video Demo

Our friend Mark Liu (Merchantwords CEO) recorded an exclusive demo for us showing the power of the main features of the tool:

🔍 How to use MERCHANT WORDS to find THOUSANDS of keywords on Amazon + 🤑 【 40% DISCOUNT 】


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