This time we talk about a tool that is actually a plugin for WordPress and Woocomerce.

We should not underestimate what an add-on can bring to our site since, as in the case of Pixelyoursite, they can provide your website with really advanced functionalities.

Let's not forget that Woocommerce itself is a WordPress Plugin because, originally, this platform was conceived as a specific CMS for creating blogs and websites.

What exactly is Pixelyoursite? Well, it's a way of boosting website analytics by implementing tracking pixels in the main services and applications in a very simple way but allowing a great control of what, how and when it's measured.

If you are looking for a method to install in your Woocommerce pixels from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Pinterest… Pixelyoursite is a great alternative for those who do not have excessive technical knowledge.

This does not mean that it is a simple tool, on the contrary, the amount of options is practically unlimited. Especially if we add to the existing integrations the fact that we can also use it to include our own scripts in any page of our online store.

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Let's go over some of the main features we can find in this eCommerce analytics tool.

Automatic integration

As simple as installing the plugin and making a minimal configuration really easy. In a matter of minutes you can start tracking the pages you need without entering a single line of code.

Tracks global events

One of the problems at the analytics level can be deciding what to follow based on the events that the system allows us. With Pixelyoursite you can choose from a large number of these which, in addition, you can use globally allowing you to track:

  • Playback on embedded videos (Vimeo and YouTube).
  • Searches.
  • Clicks on AdSense.

Actions in own events

You can define the events based on a series of actions chosen by you and have them communicated to you by sending the event to Facebook, Pinterest or Google:

  • By visiting one or more specific pages.
  • When you click.
  • By scrolling down.
  • When you put the mouse over a certain element (mouse over)

Compatible with GDPR

The European data protection regulations are really restrictive when it comes to cookies. Pixelyoursite has everything in place and is fully compatible and compliant with the regulations.

In fact it does so through its integration with four different cookie consent plugins such as the free GDPR Cookie Consent, Cookie Notice Plugin, Ginger EU Cookie Law and the paid Cookiebot.

With this we can rest assured knowing that we are not facing fines.

Pro Pack with Premium features

Although included as an option from the intermediate plan, the Pixelyoursite Pro pack, these five additional features are very worthwhile:

  • Adding multiple tracking pixels
  • Pixel removal on specific pages
  • Plugin to add parameters for dynamic events
  • Complete tracking for sites using AMP for WordPress.
  • Customized thank you pages for Wocommerce

Pixelyoursite Integrations

Being a plugin focused on so many different platforms, it is necessary to go into detail in its main features for these. Usually it works in a very similar way for both, the key is more in what allows you to do Pixelyoursite on each of them.

Google Analytics

Introduce the Analytics script with Pixelyoursite and you will be able to track page views, referral traffic, conversion rates, downloads, forms, embedded video plays..

Besides this, don't forget that this plugin allows actions such as performing experiments with Google Optimize and supports improved eCommerce tracking and Easy Digital Downloads (another plugin that is often used to measure the conversion of infoproducts such as courses or eBooks).

Google Ads

This is one of the easiest ways to track conversions in Woocommerce, but also allows us to access other advanced features such as remarketing and dynamic remarketing to perform retargeting campaigns by attacking users who have already visited certain products or pages by creating custom audiences.

Facebook Ads

Thanks to this plugin we can install in a couple of clicks the Facebook code needed to track analytics and conversion. In addition to this it allows us, as in Google Ads, to implement remarketing and generate new audiences, set up dynamic ads and use the customer lifecycle to optimize campaigns and ads.


Automatically configures the creation of audiences and the Pinterest tracking tag, with it you can use all the specific events of eCommerce (start check out, add to cart, products removed from cart, category or product seen …). Also the advanced ones like those for frequent customers, VIP or “Big Whale”.

Custom scripts

This is one of the strongest points of Pixelyoursite and it is that it is not only linked to the big platforms. It is a software that is open to the inclusion of any kind of own code or footprint so it will solve any need that may arise in the future, even allowing the use of dynamic variables.

In a couple of clicks you will put the code in the header, the footer or even in the order confirmation page received from Woocommerce.


We have three different plans. The first one is the starter plan with what is somewhat more limited while the other two have access to all the advanced features (including the Super Pack in the current promotion). The only difference is in the number of sites where you can install the plugin.

This is how it would work:

  • Pixelyoursite Starter: $150 per year.
  • Pixelyoursite Advanced: $189 per year and allows installation on up to 10 sites (includes Super Pack).
  • Pixelyoursite Agency: 500$ per year with the possibility to install up to 100 sites (includes Super Pack).

As you can see, unlike other eCommerce tools, the license is renewed on an annual basis. That said, if for whatever reason you decide not to do so, the plugin will continue to work on those sites where it is installed, although it will not allow installation on new pages and will stop receiving updates.

By the way, from the second year on, they usually make a 40% discount for renewals.

Pixelyoursite review

I have no doubt that it is one of those tools worth investing in if you have a shop set up on Woocommerce.

The amount of possibilities you have if you market on Google, Facebook or Pinterest is almost infinite. It installs in two clicks and takes away thousands of headaches for a cost that, if you divide it by the 12 months, stays at just over $15 per month (you'll pay it back very quickly).

However, if your profile is technical or you have an IT department that deals with these tasks maybe it is not worth paying for this tool because one of its main added values is not to require programming.

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