Rebaid is a rebate platform for Amazon that has, as its main characteristic and differential advantage, the ability to generate full price orders for your product.

Unlike other tools, the shoppers on this platform place their orders without applying a discount coupon of any kind. This is critical when launching a new product on the Marketplace because Amazon largely disregards orders with large discount codes when it comes to ranking and BSR. With rebates on the other hand, the order comes in at full price which has a strong impact on Amazon’s ranking algorithm.

Amazon Seller Rebate Promotions for Ranking Your Product on Page 1!!

The way it works is really simple; Rebaid shoppers can browse all active rebate promotions on the platform. Rebates range from 25-100% of the product value with the rebate amount being set by the seller creating the promotion.

When the user wants to redeem a rebate promotion, they follow the redemption steps and are taken to Amazon to purchase the item. They then return to Rebaid to enter their Amazon order number and complete the redemption. 5 weeks later Rebaid will mail the rebate check to the shopper who redeemed your offer.

It is important to note that the primary function of this tool is to generate sales velocity and improve ranking. in sales. It can be used to help generate some reviews but this is not the main function . We say this to clarify it from the beginning. However, they have mechanisms to request voluntarily and without obligation of any kind, that users leave their honest opinion.


The truth is that it is really easy to work with this platform. This is one of the main advantages of Rebaid for sellers: we practically do not have to do more than tell them what product we want to add to their program, what percentage we will return and how many units we will refund.

They take care of the rest by putting into play certain characteristics that we will see below.

SFB (Search, Find, Buy)

As sellers we can choose between using a url as such or a series of keywords in the search engine. homepage

The advantage of the latter is that we will be boosting SEO on Amazon by achieving conversions through keywords and, therefore, we will demonstrate greater relevance than other competitors for those search terms.

SMS Text Message Follow Up

Rebaid offers a tool to contact those of its users who have redeemed a refund through SMS text messages. The main advantage of this communication channel is in the opening rate, which, compared to email marketing, is considerably higher (98% of SMS opens vs 25% in mailing).

Sellers can use these messages to ask for a product review (*shoppers are not required or obligated to leave one), ask for a like on their brands social media page, ask for the shopper to subscribe to their company newsletter, or any other appropriate use.

Safe system

First of all it is safe by itself. As they tell us from Rebaid, the invalid redemption rate (cancelled, returned orders or invalid order #) is very low, typically 1% or so.

Anyway, and thinking about the tranquility of the seller, there are complete reports that the platform makes available to customers so that they can contrast the information with that reported by Amazon.

We will have 45 days to do so and, in the event of detecting an irregularity, we can communicate it directly to Rebaid so that it can process the refund to our account and investigate the situation.

You also don't have to worry about users buying large amounts of product to resell. Not only is it explicitly prohibited, they also have active mechanisms such as limiting the number of units and purchases that a single customer can make.

We choose the amount to be reimbursed

The platform does not require us in any case to make a full refund of the amount of the sale, it is at our discretion to choose the percentage to apply.

Typically, in the case of new launches, it is strategically recommended that the products offer a 100% refund because it is the way to generate more sales. At a lower percentage, we will have a lower expense, but also fewer transactions (of course). Seller Dashboard


It has a fixed rate for each product redeemed of $ 2.95 without any additional cost, so we only have to multiply that amount by the number of products sold from this platform.

This is actually another of Rebaid's most important advantages over other recruitment strategies. We will only pay the corresponding fee in the case of confirmed refunds.

In other words: in the unlikely event of not selling any product, 100% of the initial deposit will be returned to you.

Rebaid reviews

We can say that it is very well thought out because it is an effective way to tackle one of the main challenges for any new product on Amazon: getting the first sales.

As Rebaid is created, it manages to generate an absolutely positive predisposition towards buying in customers. This, indirectly, also influences the perception of the product and the brand, which can be a great way to retain those customers (and indirectly, achieve direct reviews or recommendations).

For price, transparency, user volume and technical characteristics, Rebaid is one of the best platforms on the market to manage refunds.

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