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Seller Locker is a service that helps Amazon Sellers sellers manage and automate the process of FBA reimbursements covering more than 70 scenarios to help users maximize their claims.

Seller Locker helps sellers recover FBA fees by constantly monitoring fee fluctuations and submitting claims for discrepancies. And they work pretty well, considering they have recovered over $75 million in FBA fees and prevented almost double that amount in losses by correcting fee discrepancies.

Seller Locker works with enterprise-level sellers and those just starting out, and has a unique pricing structure to fit different seller types. It is fully compliant with Amazon's terms of service and is approved by Amazon. It can be found in the Amazon Seller apps Marketplace as an Amazon partner app. The company has been around for quite some time and, if you are following this site, you may know that we already interviewed it's Director back in 2019!


Some of the key features of the service include:

Free document storage

Store your Bill of Lading, Packing Slip, and Invoice for free. The service serves them up right when you need them and, this way, it's easier for Seller Lockers to get to those documents immediately once Amazon reclaims them in order to approve your reimbursements. You can even send them via text message.


The service integrates with all major carriers to capture the latest tracking information/proof of delivery so it's easier to open inbound shipment cases.

Product dimensions

Fulfillment fees change every day and there are some random changes on product dimensions (someone at a fulfillment center remeasures your product and, baboom, problem). By simply specifying your product dimensions, Seller Locker can prevent thousands in lost profits. Even easier, import the dimensions via Amazon Seller Central MWS connection.

Follow up on every claim

Amazon's responses can be difficult to understand and respond to. Seller Locker has a platform that reads and suggests responses to cases. With a click of a button, you can push back at Amazon and fight for every last dollar. The service covers more than 70 scenarios to help you reach the full potential of your claim.

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They charge 25% of reimbursements received


Seller Locker is a classic Amazon FBA reimbursement tool + service (you need a team to claim those cases 1 by 1) focused on recover FBA fees and prevent losses by correcting fee discrepancies. So far, they've recovered over $75 million in FBA fees so they know what they're doing.

Their tool + service includes features such as free cloud-document storage, integration with small parcel carriers, product dimension input to prevent overcharging, order sheet auto-generator. and more. Seller Locker is fully compliant with Amazon's terms of service and is approved by Amazon.


  • Auto pilot to help sellers recover FBA fees
  • Unique pricing structure: small sellers are charged a 25% comission, for accounts with larger volumes they can offer better pricings
  • Seller Locker gets paid only when the seller is paid by Amazon
  • Some unique features non found on competitors such as free document storage and integration with carriers
  • Compliant with Amazon's terms of service and approved by Amazon so no risks are taken
  • No credit card required to get a free audit on the potential reimbursements


  • They only cover Amazon US
  • 25% may be too expensive for large accounts, but you can always negotiate a better pricing and they're up to it

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