Helium 10 discount codes

Helium 10 is a multi feature tool for Amazon Sellers including +30 subtools for product and keyword research, FBA reimbursement, market analyzer, listing optimizer, campaign builder and more.

Helium 10 Discount Codes



Use coupon AMZTOOLS20 to get a 20% OFF 6 MONTHS ($120 VALUE)

Valid for Platinum and Diamond plans.

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Never expires

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10% off lifetime


Use coupon AMZTOOLS10 to get a lifetime聽10% discount.

Valid for A La Carte, Platinum, Diamond and Elite plans.

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Never expires

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How to use our Helium 10 Discount Codes

  1. Click here and create your account on Helium 10 by introducing your name, email and password
  2. You will be asked a few questions like if you are already selling on Amazon. When you finish answering the questions, you'll be asked to select your plan. Click the blue button “UPGRADE NOW”
  3. Below the Monthly / Anual switcher, you will find a field box where you can introduce our code
  4. Enter one of our two coupon codes and click the blue button “APPLY”:
    • AMZTOOLS20 to get a 20% discount during 6 months.
    • AMZTOOLS10 to get a lifetime 10% discount.
  5. The discount will be automatically applied.

Check the below screenshots for assistance

Step 1: Account creation

1 - how to apply helium 10 discount code - register on helium 10

Step 2: Upgrade to a paid plan

2 - how to apply helium 10 discount code - click on upgrade now

Step 3: Enter our coupon code

3 - how to apply helium 10 discount code - Enter one of our two coupon codes and click the blue button APPLY

Step 4: The discount is applied

4 - how to apply helium 10 discount code - Discount applied

What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is an Amazon Seller suite of tools used by AMZ Merchants to manage and sell products, identify trends, optimize listings on Amazon, manage and optimize their PPC campaigns on autopilot, get FBA reimbursements back, track competitors, analyze and track keyword rankings, inventory management, fraud protection and more.

helium 10 black box keyword research

Helium 10 features list

Product / keyword research Tools

  • Black Box
  • Cerebro
  • Magnet
  • Misspellinator
  • Market Tracker
  • Market Tracker 360
  • Trendster

Helium 10's Black Box and Cerebro helps sellers research more than 300M products and a complete breakdown of their sales volumen, pricings and competitors both in SEO and PPC.

The market trackers allow you to configure and real time analyze your niches for new products and competitors.

The following 2 subtools will let you know where your rankings are for an ASIN or a certain set of ASINs:

  • Index Checker
  • Keyword Tracker

Listing Optimization Tools

  • Audience
  • Frankenstein
  • Listing Analyzer
  • Listing Builder
  • Scribbles
  • URL Builder

This set of tools helps sellers create titles, descriptions, images that are optimized for better visibility, AB test the listings and send them directly to Amazon Seller using MWS connection.

Sales Tracking Tools

Data on sales volume, customer reviews, advertising campaigns…

Inventory Management Tools

Track and manage your inventory with real time data on stock levels, shipping costs and more. Includes an inventory protector and an FBA reimbursement tool

  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Protector
  • Refund Genie

Other tools

  • Alerts
  • Amazon Anomaly Tracker
  • Chrome Extension
  • Follow-Up
  • Portals
  • QR Code Generator
  • Refersion
  • Seller Assistant
  • Xray


Starting at $29/month for the Starter plan and up to the Elite plan ($399/month)., each plan has its own range of features which vary in terms of the number of keywords tracked, the number of products researched, and the level of access to analytics and reporting.

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