Sponsoreds is a tool for the management and creation of advertising campaigns on Amazon.

Throughout the analysis we will be seeing its features and qualities, but as a summary, we can say that its main advantage is that it is a very powerful tool, but has managed to find a balance difficult to achieve: its learning curve is ideal for both users who are just starting to work with Amazon, as for those who are already experts.

This versatility is largely due to a very well designed use of Artificial Intelligence combined with multiple options to do any task. Starting from the most assisted to the most manual, but always managing multiple scenarios that facilitate the task to the maximum.

sponsoreds zero to hero feature


The suite itself has 4 different tools with their own independent features, so we will see them independently and, thus, we will have a complete view of what Sponsoreds can provide in different areas.

Zero to hero

Its name tells us almost everything: it is capable of creating campaigns that work very well, almost from scratch.

What does it ask of us? Simply insert those keywords that are most important, those that we know form the basis of the search intentions of our customers. With that alone, the system kicks in and creates a fully optimized structure to start getting results.

If you are a more advanced advertiser, you have the option to add strategic targeting to the campaign creation:

  • ACOS targeting
  • Overall profit growth
  • PPC profit growth
  • Product launch
  • New keywords ranking
  • Get best seller tag
  • Defend best seller tag
  • Low inventory LPS

As you can see you can be aggressive or defensive depending on what the moment demands, the product life cycle, competition or seasonality.

PPC automation

When behind a PPC tool there is a good use of AI, what we get is to raise productivity to the highest levels of performance.

In such a competitive environment as Amazon, it is critical to be able to manage the budget in a way that squeezes every penny. That means constantly keeping an eye on our campaigns and ads at a level that people can't, but algorithms can.

Sponsoreds automation manages each bid 100% autonomously and frees you up to deal with more strategic and creative tasks. You'll feel like you have a dedicated manager around the clock.

sponsoreds automation feature

Sponsored Analytics

Amazon's reporting is not exactly its strongest point. It is true that we have a lot of information, data and metrics that, when viewed independently, can provide more noise than analysis.

This is precisely what you can avoid with Sponsored Analytics. It groups, orders and hierarchizes all that data to transform it into information and conclusions that can be applied effectively.

Everything is collected in a single dashboard and, in this way, we can get a 360潞 view of the status of our account and our campaigns.

Amazon PPC audit

When you have campaigns created and running, you have a history that is very valuable. The problem is that, on many occasions, you are not fully convinced of what is working and what is not.

With a single click, the tool starts up and scans for a diagnosis an performs an Amazon PPC audit. It reviews your keywords, budgets, campaigns and lists all the problems in three categories according to their priority (critical, major and minor problems). You will get a document that will give you the guidelines to really optimize your PPC campaigns on Amazon.


Each of the sub-tools of the suite has a different cost, so you will always have the possibility to hire the modules you really need on a daily basis.

PPC Audit

This tool is completely free for any user. In fact, you should try it as soon as possible.

Zero to hero

The price varies depending on the size of your campaigns, but starts at a very affordable $49.

PPC Automation & Analytics

You can hire them independently or in a package that includes both. The price will basically depend on how you hire it and, above all, on the level of investment in which you move (the range goes from a minimum of $ 5,000 to a maximum of more than 100,000K).

Sponsoreds review

If you are looking for a tool that will solve and streamline all your PPC work on Amazon and, in addition, your priority is that it is smart, quick to implement and versatile… we have to recommend Sponsoreds.

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