Autods is a tool for dropshipping businesses that includes a product research tool, automatic ordering system, automatic price optimization, and inventory management.

Autods' database includes +500M sourceable products from Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, UK, USA and other places.

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Product Research Tool

Quickly find and import trending dropshipping products. The tool scans over 40,000 dropshippers and over 1 million products per day to find the best products for users to sell. As we just mentioned: +500M products. Hard not to find your next best seller in such a database.

Products Importer

A huge time saver if you're using Shopify or other ecommerce platforms. Import products directly to your store from +25 different suppliers all accross the globe in just one click. You can also schedule products to be imported at a future date.

Automatic Orders

Fulfills orders and updates tracking information automatically, saving you time and possible mistakes.

autods orders dashboard

Price & Stock Monitoring checks for changes in pricing or stock availability 24/7, so you can make informed decisions on the products' margin, ROI and net profit.

Automatic Price Optimization

A repricer built on the tool. Adjusts prices in order to maximize profits on your products and increase sales conversions on slower-moving products.

Fulfilled by AutoDS

Not an FBA, although the name suggests it. This feature automatically will let you manage orders, returns, and customer messages using just one dashboard.

Automatic Tracking Number Updates

This feature helps customers track their orders and keeps them informed about their delivery status in real time so you don't have to update the tracking numbers manually.

Inventory Management

Manage all of your stores' products from one place. Save time and get a full overview of your stocks in different sales channels.

AutoDS integrations

AutoDS has a great number of native integrations so you can have a real time vision of your orders, products, pricings and stocks in different channels:

Why is there no Amazon integration? Well, as you may know, Amazon dropshipping is kinda risky and could led you to an account suspension as it's forbidden according to Amazon's Seller Central Terms of Service. But, anyway, Amazon integration is coming soon to AutoDS.

Pricing plans

4 different pricing plans

Import 200: $12,90/month


  • Product Importer (200 Products)
  • Product Research Tool
  • 1 Store Integration
  • Draft Manager
  • Order Manager
  • Product Variation Support
  • Full Products Management System
  • Full Insights Dashboard
  • Manual (Non-API) Supported
  • Automated Orders Supported
  • Fulfilled by AutoDS Service Supported
  • Automatic Tracking Updates Supported
  • 24/7 Support
  • Full Business Overview Dashboard
  • All Supported Suppliers
  • Extension: ‘One-Click Drafts' Creator

Starter 400: $23,90/month

Includes everything on the previous plan, plus the following

  • Importer, Price & Stock Monitor (400 Products)
  • Unlimited Stores Integration
  • Bulk Products Importing
  • Scheduled Uploads
  • AutoDS Finder (40,000+ dropshipping stores scanned every day)
  • Recurring Uploads
  • Automatic Price Optimization
  • Multiple suppliers products builder
  • Customer Support Management
  • Cases & Returns Management
  • Multiple stores management
  • Automatic messages to the buyers

Advanced 800: $43,90/month

Includes everything on the 2 previous plans, plus the following

  • Importer, Price & Stock Monitor (800 Products)
  • VIP Live Chat Support Available
  • VIP Tickets Support

If you need more features, there are more packages available on their pricing section.

Autods review

Comparing AutoDS with other similar dropshipping tools, their database is pretty huge. +500M sourceable products from +25 suppliers聽updated in almost real time is one of the best offers you'll find if you are looking to source products using dropshipping.

I mean, take a look at Spocket, for example, they have less than 1M products in the US/EU.

Salehoo has 2,5M products. Still far away from AutoDS!

Most of AutoDS competitors have a product research tool and a products importer but they don't have a repricer, a tracking numbers tool or an auto ordering system. They're just a “search for a product and import it to your store” software. So AutoDS goes further than the rest.


  • Time-saving: saves time by automating tasks such as order fulfillment and tracking number updates
  • Integrations: eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Shopify, Wix and WooCommerce, what else do you need to start a dropshipping business?
  • Massive product database: while other services such as Spocket or Salehoo have 2,5M products or less, AutoDS has a +500M product database
  • New products, daily: AutoDS scans over 40,000 dropshippers per day so you can find new stuff every 24h
  • Flexibility: The product importer supports over 25 suppliers, giving users access to millions of products from multiple sources, worldwide.
  • Pricing: access +500M products for as low as $12,90 per month. Crazy!
  • Add-ons available: let's say you need a Virtual Assistant‘s access or a mentor to ask questions. There are some add-ons you can purchase in AutoDS to improve your dropshipping experience even more


  • Cost: While is not the cheapest dropshipping tool on the market, is still the best when it comes to price / value
  • Limited to dropshipping: The tool is primarily focused on dropshipping, so it may not be suitable for businesses using other fulfillment models.
  • Dependence on automation: While automation can save time, it also means that users may be less involved in certain aspects of their business and may need to rely on the tool to function correctly. And, you know, tools sometimes make mistakes too, so you need to control the processes although they're automatised.
  • Not 100% automatic: if you're looking for a hands-off-the-wheel tool, this is not it. You'll have to involve in some of the processes
  • Not yet integrated with Amazon, although is on their roadmap
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