Fbamultitool is a Chrome extension that helps Amazon sellers analyze products to find profitable deals.

The tool includes Keepa style charts, auto-ungating, ROI buy price, sales estimator, FMT score (their own score to determine wether a product is worth selling or not) and more.

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As we just discussed, if has a lot of information for sellers and resellers such as:


  • Keepa style charts
  • Auto-ungating
  • ROI buy price
  • Sales estimator
  • FMT score
  • Sales data
  • Restriction checker
  • Amazon fees breakdown
  • Logistics calculator聽including Seller Fulfilled Prime, FBA, European Fulfillment Network, Pan-EU Network and FBM
  • Export to Google Sheets
  • VAT calculator
  • BSR checker
  • IP alerts
  • Private label detector
  • Hazmat checker
  • Variation viewer
  • VA check-
  • BuyBox rotation
  • Manual sourcing comparison
  • and more


Can you sell the product?

Basically it answers yes or no, considering products' warnings such as:

  • Summer Meltables
  • IP alert
  • Oversized product
  • Prep requirements
  • Listing error
  • Private Label Detector
  • Is Amazon Selling the product
  • Dangerous goods
  • Are you eligible to sell
  • Hazmat


Fbamultitool integrates with Google Sheets, allowing users to export their deals found on Amazon with one click. It also integrates with suppliers websites, allowing Sellers to compare products directly with Amazon without leaving the website.

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5 different plans. All of them include

  • Full App Feature Access
  • UK, US & EU Marketplaces
  • Regular Updates

And then, depending on the number of connected devices, pricings vary:

  • Starter plan – $27.99/month: 2 devices
  • Standard plan – $34.99/month: 4 Devices
  • Professional plan – $41.99/month: 8 Devices
  • Business plan – $55.99/month: 16 Devices
  • Business plus plan – $69.99/month: 24 Devices

Fbamultitool review

It's hard to find a Chrome Extension with SO MUCH DATA AND DETAIL for just $27.99 a month. I mean, look at this beauty:

fbamultitool sales data

This is a great level of detail!

And the details go on when it comes to answer wether you can or can't sell a product. The extension provides eyes on Summer Meltables, IP alert, Prep requirements, Dangerous goods and more. Actually you can AUTO-UNGATE! from the same extension. But, obviously, it won't work if the ungating has to be manual but, man, that auto-ungating is a huge start and a killer feature for me.

Absolutely recommend it!

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