FeedbackWhiz is more than an Amazon feedback tool. I would say that it's a complete suite for Amazon Sellers to help them manage their orthers, feedback, get more reviews and, also, monitor their listings.

Let's take a look at the 5 features on the this software.

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FeedbackWhiz features

Order management

Advanced order management is a complete dashboard where you can sort and filter your orders in real time. 20 different variables including:

  • Buyer's name
  • Date range
  • FBA / FBM orders
  • Orders with promotion
  • Orders with feedback
  • Order status: pending, unshipped, shipped, delivered, returned, canceled
  • Buyers profile: repeating clients, email opted-out…
  • Order emails: sent, not sent, queued, not queued
  • And a product filter

With this complete overview on your orders, you will be able to send emails on the fly selecting which email template to send and also identify issues with feedback filtering.

feedbackwhiz dashboard

Feedback manager

Another complete dashboard with the orders and feedback status to send feedback emails on the fly, detect which orders don't have feedback yet, and spot negative feedback.

Check and filter:

  • Fulfillment type
  • Date on which the order was placed
  • Rating
  • Buyer's name
  • Comment
  • Status
  • Order detail
  • Order status
  • Number of emails sent to the customer
  • Negative feedback notifications
  • Neutral feedback notifications
  • Feedback removal notifications
  • Send feedback removal request emails
  • Track all feedback received
  • Filter only 1, 2, 3 star feedback
  • Track emails sent
  • Amazon support quick link

There are also a Feedback Analytics charts to spot insights

Product review manager

One of the most advanced review managers you will find on the market. Easy find and manage:

  • Negative review notifications
  • Positive and neutral review notifications
  • Advanced review search engine
  • Find keywords to identify trends
  • Product selector tool
  • Group by ASIN product view
  • Respond to reviews via comments
  • Competitor tracking
  • Add notes to reviews

Email automation tool

Once you have organized your orders, it's time to send emails to the customers. FeedbackWhiz will help you:

  • Design and create templates on the fly
    • Customize text and links
    • Insert product images
    • Click and drop variables
    • Logo upload
  • Use pre-built templates
  • Analyse open and click rates, unsubscriptions, duplicated emails…
  • A/B test templates
  • Send test emails
  • Send emails at specific times
  • Exclude orders from review solicitation
  • Target specific orders
  • And more!

feedbackwhiz feedback manager

Listing monitoring

The monitor will spot new feedback in real time and send you alerts. But not just that, you will also be able to monitor your listings for:

  • New sellers
  • Hijack attempts
  • Changes on the listing
  • BuyBox win and loss alerts
  • Instant alerts once there's a login in your account

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Pricing and trial

There are 2 types of plans: email automation and product monitoring plan

Email automation plan


  • Dashboard Interface
  • Critical Event Notifications
  • Graphs & Statistics
  • Customer Orders Integration
  • Real Time Refund Integration
  • Automatic Buyer-opt Outs
  • Live Email Preview
  • Easy Variable Insertion
  • Custom Buttons for Links
  • Animated Gifs and Emojis
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Internal Note System
  • Logo & Attachments
  • Email Tracking & Analytics
  • Duplicate Email Detection
  • Target and Exclusion Statuses
  • Seller Feedback Notifications
  • Automated Email Campaigns
  • Campaign Filters and Timers
  • Repeat Buyer Integration
  • Positive Feedback Integration
  • Buyer / Order Blacklist
  • Download Data Reports
  • Send Manual Emails

This option has 5 pricing tiers:

Free tier: $0 a month

  • 150 monthly emails
  • 1 email campaigns
  • Orders & feedback manager
  • Analytics and Statistics
  • Download reports
  • 1 marketplace included
  • Limited support

Starter tier: $19,99 a month

  • 2.000 monthly emails
  • 10 email campaigns
  • Orders & feedback manager
  • Analytics and Statistics
  • Download reports
  • 1 marketplace included (additional marketplaces: $10)
  • Basic support

Basic tier: $39,99 a month

  • 5.000 monthly emails
  • Unlimited
  • Orders & feedback manager
  • Analytics and Statistics
  • Download reports
  • 1 marketplace included (additional marketplaces: $10)
  • Basic support

Professional tier: $79,99 a month

  • Unlimited monthly emails
  • Unlimited
  • Orders & feedback manager
  • Analytics and Statistics
  • Download reports
  • 1 marketplace included (additional marketplaces: $5)
  • Expedited support

Ultimate tier: $139,99 a month

  • Unlimited monthly emails
  • Unlimited
  • Orders & feedback manager
  • Analytics and Statistics
  • Download reports
  • Unlimited
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Product Monitoring Plan

This plan will allow you to:

  • View and analyze product reviews for any of your ASINs
  • Receive email notifications when you receive a negative, neutral, or positive product review
  • Monitor and receive alerts when there are changes to your listing such as title updates, buy-box loss, or hijackers

With the following features:

  • Review Management System
  • Positive Review Notifications
  • Neutral Review Notifications
  • Negative Review Notifications
  • Add Multiple Email Recipients
  • Hijacker Alerts
  • Buy Box Loss Alerts
  • Title Change Alerts
  • Internal Note System
  • Bulk ASIN Upload
  • Direct link to Amazon review
  • Monitor Competitor ASINs
  • Verified Purchase Detection
  • Group by Review Date/ASIN
  • Search by ASIN/SKU, Keyword, Rating

And the pricing tiers are:

  • 5 ASINs $5 /mo
  • 10 ASINs $10 /mo
  • 25 ASINs $13 /mo
  • 50 ASINs $17 /mo
  • 100 ASINs $20 /mo
  • 250 ASINs $25 /mo
  • 500 ASINs $50 /mo
  • 1,000 ASINs $75 /mo
  • 1,500 ASINs $87 /mo
  • 2,000 ASINs $100 /mo
  • 5,000 ASINs $200 /mo

There's a 30 day trial available

FeedbackWhiz review

FeedbackWhiz is one of the most complete feedback tools around. However, their pricings are a bit too high. If you select one of the cheapest plans, there's no possibility to cover every Amazon marketplace, so you need to go fot the $139.99 / month plan. Let's say you are managing 100 ASINs accross 8 marketplaces. Then FeedbackWhiz is definitely not for you.

FeedbackWith is worth it if you're managing large amounts of ASINs in 1 marketplace or large amounts of ASINs on serveral Amazon marketplaces.

On the other hand, this is the #1 tool on the market when it comes to features and easy management. It's interface is pretty easy and it's manageable for every user and that's definitely a pro considering it's rivals.

Our score

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  • User friendly
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