Sellics Seller Edition

Sellics is one of the best all in one Amazon Seller tools available nowadays and it has a Vendor version, which is something quite difficult to find in the Amazon tools world outnumbering in features softwares like Cashcowpro or Azon Seller toolbox.

Sellics Seller features

Sellics features seven tools for sellers:

  1. a profit measurement tool specially designed to keep tracking of your global profit and profit per product
  2. a keyword research tool which gives partial data, not the total amount of searches but a 4/4 index and no info about stationery
  3. an Amazon ppc optimizer to improve your ad texts and keywords
  4. the organic ranking improvement tool, which shows improvements on keywords, titles, descriptions and bullet points
  5. the review management tool to have a global picture of your total reviews, it’s average and detailed view of every feedback given to your products
  6. the inventory control tool to monitor your stock
  7. and the product research tool, similar to Junglescout but with few products (10.000 instead of 1 million)

Works for all Amazon markets.

Sellics Seller pricing

Starting at 67$ a month for 1k to 60k revenue accounts to 317$ a month for 1.2M$ revenue

Sellics Seller trial

14 day free trial. Credit card needed, but expires automatically.

Sellics Seller review

Something I especially like about Sellics is that, although it has many different features, the interface is relatively simple to use and the learning curve is not very demanding. Obviously you can complicate it as much as you want, there are plenty of options, but with handling the basics you will already be making an important leap in quality.

Something that I specially quite like about Sellics is that, even it does have a lot of different functionalities, the usage interface is relatively easier to use and the learning curve do not require that much of a demand.

Evidently you can make things as hard as you want, there are a lots of options, but if you manage the basics you will be doing a big quality step forward.

It’s a great tool, specially considering that it’s pricing starts at 67€ but, beware, because that is the price if your anual revenue is under 60k. Prices rise until 317$ a month if your revenue is 1.2M$ or more so it can become quite expensive. You may want to check Helium 10, an alternative to Sellics for lower prices and more features.

But, if you are not looking for lots of features, the seven contained on Sellics may suit you:

  • Keyword Research: ideal to extract the most relevant search terms even though it also allows you to search as it is in order to make an inverted search (reverse ASIN search). The tool is called Sonar Tool and does work wonders.
  • Product prospect tool: it is like JungleScout which is something that I would talk forward on another post, but it does pay off to any seller interested in exploring new niches (specially if you are going to rock the FBA).
  • Stock Control: with a really visual dashboard that you can check quickly and with just one glance at it.
  • Monitor and better your rankings: analysing your listings and giving specific tips for bettering. The evolution graphics are really useful.
  • Monitor the competitors: on Amazon, knowing what the others are doing is really important, specially when you are using pricing strategies. Keep and eye on them.
  • Optimizer for your Amazon ads campaigns: the native tool is, to say at least, a little bit too short in functionalities (more or less as a stone of five pounds). The coolest part about Sellics is that, apart from controlling your campaigns’ performance, it allows you to create automatized rules linked to the performance of the keywords, isn’t it cool?
  • A tool to manage reviews: you better keep an eye and act quickly on them before something sour happens. The reviews, my dear friend, are on the determined ranking factors on SEO for Amazon.
  • Tracking the selling benefits: just with a glance you can see the gross profit, costs and net profits. A good way to not being a fool without knowing.

Sellics video review

  • Pricing
  • Learning curve
  • Number of features
  • User friendly

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