LaunchGPT is an AI tool created by Viral Launch to help you create your listings using Artificial Intelligence. It has 2 main tools: the Amazon Listing Creator and the Auto SEO tool. Let's check'em out.

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Amazon Listing Creator

launch gpt - amazon listing creator

The Amazon Listing Creator creates the listings for you using your own information:

  • Product name
  • Product description
  • Your brand
  • Language: supports American English, British English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portugese and Spanish
  • Tone of voice: friendly, formal and technical. This is used to create the prompt's tonality
  • Bullet points: you can specify what every bullet point is about so the system can create better texts
  • Format: you can specify Title length, Bullet length, Description length and the Bullet Header Style (small caps, uppercase…)
  • SEO keywords: describe which are the main SEO keywords

So, in my case, I've tested the tool using a competitors' product, an automatic cat feeder, check the results. This is the info I've used:

launch gpt - amazon listing creator for automatic cat feeder

And the results:

launch gpt - amazon listing creator for automatic cat feeder results

As you can see, the system creates a list of keywords and it's volume (on the left) and then applies AI and those keywords to create the best title, product description, backend keywords… possible.

You can always check the information and rewrite it in case you need a second or third version. One thing I particularly love is that LaunchGPT's checks the dangerous words for you. Those are trigger words that can stop your listing from being published. See the screenshot below:

launch gpt - amazon listing creator dangerous words

Auto SEO

This is an awesome tool to auto pull your best SEO keywords from the Viral Launch keywords database. Simply input some seed keywords:

launch gpt - auto seo

And the Auto SEO tool will pull the best SEO keywords for your listing so you can set an SEO goal for your listing: highest search volume, Organic Rank, Trendking keywords or Long-tail keywords.

launch gpt - auto seo keyword SEO strategy

Then the strategy is resumed in a keyword summary you can check with details on every keywords' search volume, trend, competition, estimated CPC, etc.

launch gpt - auto seo keyword SEO strategy summary

And, of course, you select and apply those keywords to your listing. Easy peasy!


LaunchGPT has 4 different pricing plans

Micro plan – $17 / month


  • 2 listings/month
  • Automatic SEO optimization
  • Bullet control

Starter plan – $49 / month

  • 10 listings/month
  • Automatic SEO optimization
  • Bullet control

Pro plan – $79 / month

  • 20 listings/month
  • Automatic SEO optimization
  • Bullet control
  • Listing export

Business plan – $149 / month

  • 50 listings/month
  • Automatic SEO optimization
  • Bullet control
  • Listing export
  • Bulk Generation
  • Priority Support


If you're looking to save time on your Amazon listing creation, save money on translations or both, LaunchGPT is the perfect tool to create up to 50 listings a month for less than $150 and just in minutes. It will save you time, money, using third party agencies or third party freelancers and, what's better, you'll be able to control the process yourself. Because no one but you knows the pros and cons of your products and your brand when it comes to create a perfect listing.

Compared to other competing tools, LaunchGPT is faster and cheaper and uses the Viral Launch database, which means that for as low as $17 a month you can access 225M products / keywords which contains:

  • Historical search volume
  • Current search volume
  • Competitors
  • PPC bid cost
  • Search trends
  • Misspellings
  • High opportunity keywords
  • Top competitor keywords
  • And new suggested keywords

Plus, works for 10 languages and every Amazon Marketplace available!


  1. Time-saving: LaunchGPT allows users to quickly generate Amazon listings using AI, saving significant time compared to manual creation.
  2. Customizable listings: including product name, description, brand, and bullet points, to create personalized and tailored listings.
  3. Keyword optimization: suggests and incorporates relevant SEO keywords into the listings.
  4. Safe listing creation: checks for dangerous words that may prevent listings from being published
  5. Auto SEO tool:helps users extract the best SEO keywords from the Viral Launch database
  6. Multiple language support: 10 languages allowing users to create listings for different Amazon marketplaces and target diverse customer bases
  7. Cost-effective pricing: including the affordable Micro plan starting at $17 per month


  1. Reliance on AI: LaunchGPT utilizes AI for listing creation, some users may prefer a more hands-on, human approach for crafting their listings. Which you can also do after generating the AI texts, of course.
  2. Limitations on listings: depending on the selected pricing plan, there are limits to the number of listings that can be created each month

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