ZonASIN Hunter

ZonAsinHunter is a must if you are scouting products and don’t want to use monthly payment softwares like Junglescout or AMZScout.

ZonASIN is a downloadable software so you will just pay once.

ZonASIN Hunter features

Scraps using:

  • individual ASIN, EAN13 and UPC code
  • or bulk mode
  • you can also scrap an entire category.

Supports 10 Amazon countries and can scrap filtering per product search, best sellers, hot and new releases, top rateds, most wished, gift ideas and warehouse.

The amunt of scrapable data is amazing:

  • ASIN
  • Title
  • Description
  • Thumbnail
  • Images
  • List Price
  • Buy Box Price
  • Discount
  • Stock Availability
  • Rating
  • Review Count
  • Product Features
  • Reviews
  • Technical Details
  • Category
  • Sales Rank
  • FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)
  • Status
  • Shipping Price
  • Total Price
  • Parent ASIN
  • Child ASIN
  • Brand Name
  • Prime Status

And, of course, everything is exportable to CSV


Just 47$, one time payment.

As this is a downloadable software, it has no trial available.

ZonASIN Hunter review

An amazing scraper considering it’s just 47$.

I’ve used it to scrap entire categories to audit my client’s competitors and the amount of insights you can get is absolutely worth the money.

For example, you can export the entire category Top 100 sellers to an Excel and determine wether you need to use a promo or not, FBM or FBA, how many reviews you’ll need, the listings quality…

For pennies, you can get a professional scrapping tool that will let you gather all the information you need for every product you want to scout or source.

ASIN Hunter is a cheap alternative to the expensive Amazon product research tools and it just needs a one time payment.

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Live Review Zon ASIN Hunter - ASIN Scraper Tool

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